Cool Names: Elowen, Oslo and Otis


by Linda Rosenkrantz

Lots of cool names arrived in the hot month of August! Even more than usual, our Berries made some extraordinarily creative name choices last month.

First there were the lovely girl twins Elowen Violet and Genevieve Aubrey.  Which brings us to the proliferation of vowel names this month, and it’s not just A names anymore—among the August arrivals and their sibs, we see Elowen, Eowen, Emilia, Emmett, Elora, Ender, Ewan and Erastus; and O-boys Orin, Otis, Oslo and Oliver.

Plus this sibset of cool names: Cadence, Petal, Verity and Zen.

Here’s the complete list of the cool names given to August arrivals.


Latest Cool Names: Girls

Adelaide Blake, sister of Emilia Holland

“I originally had Adelaide as a middle name to match our place name theme with our first girl. There wasn’t anything I liked to sit in front of Adelaide that suited so I scrolled through Nameberrry for a strong neutral middle to go with the frilly vintage Adelaide.  We are so in love with our Millie and Addy combo!”

AnneMarie Lorraine, sister of August, Simon and Corinne

Anne and Marie are both family names and my husband and I think they are pretty as a double first name. Lorraine honors my good friend who died of cancer two years ago.”

Elowen Violet, twin of Genevieve Aubrey and sister of Grayson Marshall, Emmett Leo and Luca Theodore

Genevieve Aubrey, twin of Elowen Violet and sister of Grayson Marshall, Emmett Leo, and Luca Theodore

Aubrey has been hubby’s favorite girl’s name since our first pregnancy, and the rest of their names were just ones we loved! Genevieve is going pretty much by Evie.”

Lucille Eowyn

“We chose Lucille as her name partly because we love Lucy and partly for the Arrested Development/loose seal jokes.  It’s accidentally a family name on my husband’s side, but that was incidental.  I chose Eowyn because when I was pregnant and sick, watching the Two Towers I thought “oh, that sounds nice.” We didn’t know yet if we were having an Eowyn or an Eomer, but it was decided that would be the middle name.”

Luella Anna, sister of Callahan Del and Elora Mae

Luella was a name I came across on Nameberry and really loved.  Anna was in honor of both my husband’s (Christine Ann) and my sister (Breanna).”

Margot Brynn, sister of Hazel Jane

Brynn is a twist on my dad’s middle name Bryan.  I was raised by my dad and it meant a lot to me to name a little girl after him.  My husband picked out Margot late in the game and it suits her sweet and spunky personality perfectly!”


Latest Cool Names: Boys

Ewan Charles Arthur, brother of Lachlan James Patrick

“While Ewan was on our long list it wasn’t a name that was really on my radar.  After he was born hubby was holding him and I just said, what about Ewan?  We tried out a couple of other names but eventually came back to Ewan.  His middles are family names on each of our mums’ side of the families.”

James Aleksandur Fraiser

James and Frasier are both family names whereas Aleksandur has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember, and the spelling is a homage to my Scandinavian heritage.”

Niko Vander, brother of Eva Natalia, Dimitri David and Mila Cosette.

“We wanted a cool, edgy strong, stylish name with an international vibe.  Niko is the perfect name for him! We also love the meaning. Niko means ‘victorious’ and Vander means “warrior” and “good man.”

Orin Murphy, brother of Ender Grey and Lyra Yvaine

“Like his siblings, both of Orin’s names came from literature. After using our favorite books for the first two kids, we struggled with baby #3. We fell in love with the name Orin (and Sorin, Torin, Thorin, etc.), so when we realized it is Arthur Curry/Aquaman’s birth name, it felt perfect. (I was always more of an X-Man fan, but it still felt right.) Murphy is after my husband’s favorite character, Grey Murphy, from the series Xanthe.  It also means “sea warrior” which gives both of his names a sweet ocean theme.  Thank you so much to the Name Sage and all the Berries who helped us brainstorm and narrow down our names.”

Otis Henry, brother of Milo Peter

Ross Oslo Sullivan, brother of Lincoln Aaron, Ivan Erastus, Adelia Mae, Oliver Michael, Ruby Aveline and Cal Tanner

Ross after my husband and my husband’s 3rd great grandpa. Oslo, which means “meadow beneath the ridge” which is where he was born (our small town is in a meadow beneath a mountain ridge) and also after his ancestors who migrated from Norway. And Sullivan, because we have always liked it and wanted to ise ot.  And because it makes his initials ROSS.  He will go by his middle name Oslo.”

Zen, brother of Cadence, Petal and Verity

What are your favorites this months?

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond Satran of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. In addition to contributing stories on trends and celebrity naming, she guides the editorial content and manages the Nameberry Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.

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