Celebrity Baby Names: Pregnancy predictions

Celebrity Baby Names: Pregnancy predictions

By Sophie Kihm

Names with personal significance are always special, and this month’s batch of celebrities loves a good honor name. All of John Carter Cash‘s children have names from his side of the family, and Daphne Oz has a son who’s a junior (which seems rarer nowadays, especially with celebrities).

There are some stars who are having their first child that I would love to see use a name with personal significance. Matthew Morrison‘s wife Renee is from Hawaii, where many gorgeous names have originated. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are huge nature lovers, so a nature name would have a lot of meaning to them. Finally, Julia Stiles has some quirky naming traditions in her family that I’m wondering if she’ll follow. Whatever direction these celebrities go in, I’m sure they’ll choose lovely names, but I’m always crossing my fingers for names with a good story behind them.

Ana Cristina and John Carter Cash

Gender: girl

Siblings: Joseph John, Jack Ezra, Anna MaybelleAnnaBelle” (previous relationships)

It’s very evident that that John Carter Cash, the only child of Johnny and June Carter Cash, loves to use honor names–and he should, with so many great names to choose from! All three of his children have a name plucked from his famous family tree in either the first or middle position (or both, as is the case with Jack Ezra). I’d wager that his upcoming baby girl will have a name with family significance as well.

Girl: Caroline, Clover, Helen, June, Maggie, Margaret, Valerie, Virginia

*Update* Welcome, Grace June!

Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gender: unknown

Siblings: brother (name not released)

Notoriously private Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have never shared the name of their son, and that’s unlikely to change with baby number two. However, I have a pretty good idea of the type of name they would choose. Tasha and Joseph are very worldly–she speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic!–so a name with multicultural influence seems to be in order.

Girl: Alia, Gracie, Isa, Jane, Leila, Lula, Mariam, Ramona, Senna

Boy: Arlo, Daniel, Hugo, Israel, Julian, Milo, Sebastian, Samar

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are a nature and animal-loving couple. They are climate and animal-rights activists, and Nikki has a line of sustainable beauty products. This makes me think they will choose a name from the natural world–whether it be a plant, animal, or simply nature-inspired name–for their first child.

Girl: Harbor, Juniper, Lark, Linden, Prairie, Sage, Swan, Willow, Wren

Boy: Bear, Canyon, Forest, Fox, Moss, Oak, River, Sparrow, Stone, Wolf

*Update* It’s a girl—Bodhi Soleil!

Renee Puente and Matthew Morrison

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Renee Puente and Matthew Morrison love Hawaii. Renee grew up on the islands, and the couple held their wedding there. Since Hawaii has played such a large role in their lives, I expect Matthew and Renee‘s child to have a name with some Hawaiian flavor.

Girl: Alohi, Ani, Emalia, Iva, Lilia, Leilani, Luana, Meilani, Poema

Boy: Hiro, Kai, Kanoa, Kauri, Kimo, Liko, Luka, Niko, Oli, Rai, Tao

*Update* They did use a Hawaiian name—in the middle! Welcome Revel James Makai!

Jaime Pressly and Hamzi Hijazi

Gender: boy/boy twins!

Siblings: Dezi James (previous relationship)

Actress Jaime Pressly is expecting twin boys–brothers to her son Dezi James. Dezi is one of those great names that is stylish and uncommon, yet familiar. Should Jaime and Hamzi choose names in a similar vein for their sons (that also have Dezi‘s casual vibes) I think they might consider some of the following.

Boy: Bodhi, Eli, Nev, Nial, Odie, Rafe, Ren, Roy, Shae, Shan, Teague

*Update* They’re here—Leo and Lenon!

Daphne Oz and John Jovanovic

Gender: girl

Siblings: Philomena Bijou and Jovan Jr.

Although Daphne Oz‘s children have fairly elaborate names, she often calls them by the more accessible nicknames Philo and JJ. For her next daughter, I bet she is looking for a name along the same line–long and romantic, but with a fun nickname. Isabeau called Izzy or Beau, or Minerva called Minnie would be especially sweet.

Girl: AgathaClementine, Eugenie, Isabeau, Liora, Minerva, Winifred, Zelda

*Update* Welcome, Domenica Celine!

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Sebella Rose “Sebi”

Sebella Rose is the perfect name for Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter‘s daughter. Sebella has Spanish roots, which nods to Roselyn‘s Puerto Rican heritage, but it’s not obscure, thanks to Isabella‘s popularity in the US. Using that formula, I picked out some more cross-cultural names that could be contenders for Sebi’s little brother or sister.

Girl: Camila, Esme, Luisa, Marisol, Paloma, Seraphina, Valentina, Viviana

Boy: Augustin, Benjamin, Emilio, Leo, Mateo, Milo, Nathaniel, Santiago

*Update* A boy—Dylan Gabriel!

Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Julia Stiles has an interesting story behind her name. Both her parents and her siblings have first names that start with J, and her middle name is O’Hara–her father’s surname. Stiles is her mother’s surname, and I would love to see Julia use it as a first name if her baby is a boy. Stiles is an overlooked option that should appeal to parents searching for something tailored with a preppy feel.

Girl: Celia, Dorothy, Emmeline, Estelle, Lilia, Lyra, Mina, Simone, Sylvie

Boy: Callum, Flynn, Harris, O’Hara, Otis, Ray, Shepherd, Stiles, Thatcher

*Update* Hello, Strummer Newcomb!

Daphne Oz is announcing her news in the illustration.

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