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By Esmeralda Rocha

We’re all familiar with Harriet, Emmeline, Malala and Susan as names of famous women’s rights advocates as possible inspirational baby names. But what about the women who did amazing things but have slipped into obscurity? If you’re looking for girl names with mountains of feminist cred that are a little more off the beaten track, here are 20 choices you might be inspired by- most of which you’ve probably never heard of.

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100 Great Lost Names from 100 Years Ago

By Linda Rosenkrantz

At the beginning of every new year, we like to follow the Hundred Year Rule and look back at the popularity lists of a century ago, seeing if we can find some faded flowers with revival potential.

1918 was a year of major world events. The devastating First World War came to an end when an armistice was signed in November, and there was a horrific Spanish flu pandemic. This was also the year when women (over 30) got the vote in the UK, Daylight Savings Time began, Billy Graham was born, the first Tarzan movie debuted and there were new books by James Joyce, Willa Cather, Proust, Kafka, Freud and Churchill.

And baby names? Top of the list were the perennial John and Mary, followed by James and Dorothy, Robert and Margaret, Charles and Ruth. But we’re more interested in looking deeper into the lists, which paid off by finding 100 great names from the 1918 Top 500 that aren’t even in today’s Top 1000– but could find their way back.

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By John Kelly

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Joy to the world! During this most wonderful time of the year, we’re surrounded by Christmas cheer—even in the very language of our most familiar season’s greetings. In that holly jolly spirit, let’s look to some nifty names that mean “happy” and “joyful.” Don’t feel left out, though, Felix and Felicity…You’re covered this time in Feliz Navidad!

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Sweet Girl Names With New Style Power

By Joe Satran

Nice girls don’t always finish last — at least when it comes to baby names.

Sure, many newly fashionable girls’ names are either tomboyish (Avery, Harper, Brooklyn) or opulently feminine (Sophia and Isabella). But a countervailing trend is starting to emerge. In the past few years, girls’ names with a distinctly sweet image have started to gain favor with discerning parents.

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15 Biblical Names for Modern Boys

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The Jewish High Holiday season is a perfect time to look for some Old Testament boys’ names that would work perfectly well on a modern boy. The Bible is filled with challenging appellations from Ahitub to Zephaniah, but there are also other more contemporary sounding names that have been rarely ussed. Very few of those listed below have ever appeared on the Social Security list, and the ones that have just made brief cameos in the distant past–though you will see a few that have already been discovered by our berries.

Here are 15 viable possibilities.

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