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Ghost Names for Babies

by Sophie Kihm

Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts, it’s hard to deny that a ghost name would be ideal for a baby born around Halloween. And I’m not talking about Casper, Jacob, or Helena, all ghosts from popular culture. Today we’re looking at ghost names for babies of the supposedly real ghosts that walk among us, haunting our cities and towns after their tortured pasts.

Of course, many of their stories are tragic enough that the superstitious among us might think twice before naming a child after one of these ghosts. But for true fans of the supernatural, a baby name with a ghostly backstory could feel just right.

Here, ten “real” ghost names for your Halloween baby.

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Gorgeous Girl Names Starting with E

By Linda Rosenkrantz

If you’re looking for a popular, well-liked girl name starting with E: no problem.  An E name—Emily or Emma—has held the top spot for 18 of the past 22 years.  And right now, there are 5 E girls in the Top 15—in addition to the two Ems, there are Evelyn, Elizabeth and Ella, with Eleanor and Ellie not far behind..

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Biblical Girl Names for Now

by Linda Rosenkrantz

When it comes to biblical girl names, it’s been the Old Testament women’s names that have been found on most popularity lists in the recent past. Rachel and Rebecca, Sarah and Hannah have been long-running stalwarts. But the New Testament has some appealing options as well, ranging from the classic Mary and Elizabeth to the recently popular Chloe to faded favorites like Lois and Rhoda to some of the more interesting appellations below.

Here are some fresher choices you might consider.

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July 4th Birthday Babes

by Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s become a Nameberry tradition to commemorate Independence Day with a salute to notables past and present who were born on the Fourth of July. In this year’s update, we single out those with the most noteworthy names.  (BTW, George M. Cohan, the ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ who famously claimed he was ‘born on the fourth of July’, was actually born on the third.  Just as PR people promoted the story that jazzman Louis Armstrong was born on Independence Day when his real birthdate was August 4th.)

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Notable Namesake Names of July

By Megan at TulipByAnyName

We’re entering the month of July, and that means hot summer days, backyard barbecues, vacations, and in the US, the celebration of Independence Day. The holiday offers a plethora of inspiration for July baby names, but whether you celebrate or not, other best names include those related to July‘s beautiful red birthstone and some notable namesake names.

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