Beautiful Babyberry Names of October

Beautiful Babyberry Names of October

October’s Nameberry birth announcements are here! 

Our members welcomed three times as many girls as boys in October, with sweet and spunky vintage girl names like Flora and Willa, Trudy and Wilhelmina, very much the flavor of the month.

On the boys’ side, cool contemporary classics reigned supreme, paired with dramatic literary middles for added flair!

And as always, there are so many thoughtful layers of meaning behind the Berries’ beautiful choices. Read on for all of our October arrivals and the stories behind them.

Girl Names

Flora May

“Everyone who attends her in hospital comments on her name and we feel very lucky to have come across something so beautiful yet so rarely used (sure to change soon). We can claim subtle honour for my grandmother whose name has a similar meaning. May is my MIL’s middle name which honours her maternal line of Margarets. It is also a diminutive of Mary which honours my paternal grandmother’s line.”

Ingrid Helen Beatrice

Ingrid is a name I’ve wanted to give my daughter ever since I was a teenager. It has a rich history and a great balance of strength, elegance and beauty. Ingrid is perfect as a Nordic name that works well internationally. Helen and Beatrice have family connections but they are also just beautiful names with lovely meanings.”

Lusine Elise

Lusine is Armenian for moon, and Elise is for my grandmother who passed away recently. Her middle name was Elizabeth, but we chose a French variation as French is my second language. She already has cute nicknames like Baby LuluLu and Lusi.”

Trudy Violet, sister to Roland Thomas and Linus Arlo

“I am so over the moon to be a girl mom!”

Wilhelmina Fawn, sister to Raphael David, Ignatius Peter and Theodora Jewel

“Eight years after beginning this journey, our family is complete. All first names were chosen for their meanings and all middles are family names.”

Willa Elizabeth

William is a family name and no one had used it for this generation of babies. My grandpa was the first, my dad was the second, and my brother was the third. I love that she shares a name with my brother and that we were able to uphold a family tradition in a slightly less traditional way.”

Boy Names

Henry Atticus

“I have wanted to name my son Henry for eleven years now. Now I know Henry is quite popular in our community, but I’ve never met a little Henry despite working in a public library, so I’m not at all worried there! Atticus is for Atticus Finch. As a librarian, the literary connection in his name was an important factor.”

Jasper Bellamy, brother to Ophelia Winter

“Thanks to everyone who helped me and DH figure out his name! You all were so helpful and thoughtful in your replies. Love this name nerd community!”

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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