Choosing Vintage Boy Names

Choosing Vintage Boy Names

They’ve got the perfect name for a daughter, but if this baby is a boy? It’s a blank page. Let’s find some vintage boy names that work nicely with big sister Blythe Norah.

Hannah writes:

I’ve been reading through all of your columns for inspiration and loving your suggestions. It seems like everyone else has a hard time picking boys names, too!

We’re due with a team green baby in a few weeks. Our first is a girl, Blythe Norah, and picking her name was a true “The One” moment. If this second baby is a girl, we’ve decided on Sylvie Rae Scott.

The boy’s name is giving us a run for our money, though! Scott is a family name I’d like to keep in the middle. I’m head over heels for Felix, and I also love Kieran, Caspian/Cassian.  My husband strongly dislikes all of those.

The few names we both like are Rye, Jules, Sebastian, and for a possible middle name, Ellis. I’ve also discovered I really like names with Z: Boaz, Lazarus, Buzz. But the first two don’t work with our last name and while I really like Buzz, I’d like it more as a nickname.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you have! I’ve been waiting for lightning to strike twice, but am getting antsy so close to the due date. Maybe that just means baby’s a girl!

The Name Sage replies:

Sylvie Rae Scott is perfect with Blythe Norah. But better to have that boy name chosen just in case, right?

It sounds like you’re both fans of vintage boy names, especially ones with a certain modern sensibility. Felix matches perfectly with Blythe and Sylvie. But, as you’ve discovered, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically the right name for your family.  

Could it be that your husband prefers slightly more familiar names for boys? Many of us do. Sebastian, after all, ranks in the US Top Twenty. Jules and Rye sound a little more distinctive, but they’re awfully close to Top 100 choices Julian and Ryan.

Or maybe a best-of-both-worlds approach could work? I’ve heard Baz used as a nickname for Sebastian. Baz – or Buzz – might be a great nickname, with Sebastian on his birth certificate.

But let’s see if we can find some vintage baby names for boys with a similar style to Blythe and Sylvie, but maybe a little more on the mainstream side.

Ezekiel – Not so long ago, Old Testament names like Ezekiel were rare. Today, though, playgrounds are full of boys called Isaiah and Elijah. Ezekiel blends right in, and has that great Z sound, too.

Ezra – Biblical and literary, Ezra fits every personality, from a children’s book author to a Star Wars hero. That’s made it quite popular, yet it remains distinctive.

Jasper – Jasper sits just outside of the current US Top 100, a rising favorite that feels nicely antique and at home in the 2020s.

Lucian – Jules brings to mind Julian, and Julian always suggests Lucian. It’s a longer, gentlemanly name for a boy, but one that feels as evergreen and traditional as Lucas and Luke.

Milo – Have you ever considered boy names ending with o? There are some great options, including Hugo and Arlo. But with Blythe, Milo comes to mind first.

Silas – If you love Sylvie for a girl, would you consider Silas for a boy? They’re both ultimately from Silvanus, a Latin name meaning forest, from silva – wood. Of course, choosing Silas might rule out using Sylvie in the future.

Theodore – The standard-bearer for vintage boy names of our moment, Theodore feels classic and buttoned-up. But Theo reads breezy and carefree. Both sound like a brother for Blythe.

Zeke – If Ezekiel appeals, but it’s just too much name, how about Zeke? Like Nate or Jake, it stands on its own nicely.

From your list, I think Jules works beautifully with Blythe. Jules Scott might be a lot of S sound, but maybe there’s another middle name to consider.

If that’s not quite right, how do you feel about Ezekiel or Zeke? It fits with vintage boy names, and has that great Z sound, too. Ezekiel Scott might be just about perfect. And Zeke and Blythe sound like siblings.

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