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They’re naming daughter number three, and feeling backed into a corner. Is the pattern they’ve established unbreakable? Or do they have more options than they think?

Hanna writes:

I have a bit of a dilemma. My husband and I have backed ourselves into a corner with our older girls’ names, Emma and Bella – two names that have a double letter and end-in-a. If this baby is a boy we plan to name him after his father, but if it’s a girl, we don’t have a clue.

I’m not a fan of -enna or -anna names as they sound too much like Emma, and any Ella names are obviously out because of Bella.

DH has suggested Netta, which I am not a fan of, and Nessa has already been used by a friend. At this point, I don’t even know that there is a name that fits our criteria, but I don’t want the new baby to feel left out if her name doesn’t match her sisters.

Names we do like outside of our theme include Lily, Meredith, Hazel, Pia, and Kate. The middle name will be Guinevere.

The Name Sage replies:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

The Nameberry birth announcement year ended with a cornocopia of bold and sometimes brilliant real-life choices. In the month of December alone, there were berrybaby girls with the first or middle-names Nightingale, Harbor and Galilee and boys with the appellations Cove, Gaines, and Swayze, not to mention a sib with the middle name of Oleander.

Included were three sets of twins (after we painfully eliminated several pairs of troll twins):

Noah Silas and Sienna Belen

Arthur Simon and Clara Victoria

Leandro Tristan Yves and Thiago Sasha Cove

Vintage reappearances included Betty, MaryAnn, Dolores, Alphonse, Maurice and Herman

Here’s the complete list, as posted on the Birth Announcement Forum:

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Naming a Boy if You’ve Only Had Girls…

By Melissa Willets

After picking four girl names, for me the prospect of picking a boy name feels almost as overwhelming as being pregnant for nine, long months. Seriously, no sushi or rosé until August?

Indeed, naming a child of the gender opposite to what you’ve become accustomed to is no easy task. After a few girls or boys, you may find it almost impossible to identify a moniker that fits. Here are some things to consider when picking a boy or girl name if you’re an experienced parent, but are new to team blue or pink.

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 By Sophie Khim


2017 was a rock-star year for celebrity pregnancies and birth announcements. Mark Zuckerberg, Serena Williams, and Mindy Kaling all welcomed daughters this year. Beyoncé and Amal Clooney each had twins! 


We have plenty more to look forward to in 2018. Jessica Alba and Hilaria Baldwin are having sons, there are three (yes, three!) Kardashian babies on the way, and, of course, Kate Middleton is currently pregnant with the newest prince or princess. 


There are even some amazing announcements that happened in this month alone. Stars like Dwayne Johnson, Seth Meyers, and LinManuel Miranda are all adding to their broods. John Stamos, Kirsten Dunst, and Eva Longoria are all going to become first-time parents in 2018. 

So Happy (almost) New Year! If this month is predicative of the year to come, it’s going to be a good one—in the world of celebrity names at least.

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By Clare Bristow

This week’s news includes baby naming tips from Star Wars, creative honor names, and masses of multiple births.

Star Wars naming advice

How much do you love Star Wars? Enough to let the actors choose your baby’s name?

When asked which names they’d recommend for real children, the stars suggested Lando, Unkar and Phasma. If they don’t do it for you, the more mainstream Finn also got a mention. So did Kylo, the fastest-rising boys’ name of 2016. The actors didn’t think much of Hux (as in General Hux, played by Domhnall Gleeson), but some parents rate it: it debuted on the US charts in 2016, when it was used for 5 boys.

Speaking of Star Wars names, if you’re lucky enough to be called Luke or Lucas, you could have gotten free seafood last week. To celebrate The Last Jedi’s release, the eatery Luke’s Lobster offered free lobster rolls to anyone with these names on their ID.

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