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Starbaby Predictions: First and middles

by Sophie Kihm

My latest starbaby predictions include some thoughts on middle names.

Celebrity baby middle names don’t get as much attention as first names, but they can be equally as exciting. Take Anne Hathaway’s son’s middle name, Rosebanks. It’s a portmanteau of two family names—a creative solution to honor multiple people at once. Lauren and Thomas Rhett Akins gave their daughters short, boyish middle names, as did Michael Sheen—although his daughter Lily’s middle name is the more unconventional Mo.

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Unique Boy Names

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

They like unique boy names and are thinking of naming their new son Oak. But much as they love the name, there are some challenges that might push them in a different direction.

Chantel writes:

We are team green for baby #3, due in October. We currently have one of each: Elowyn Magnolia and Arthur Jack Ruger. Our girl name is picked out, but we’re having a harder time choosing for a boy.

Our son’s first two names are honor names. Ruger is a fun little add-on.

Right now, we are thinking Oak Garcia Crockett if it’s a boy. I also like Wulfric, Walton, Hendrix, Indigo, Harrison, Floyd, Ruben, Morrison, and Merritt as middle names. And I’m wavering on Oak. We know we won’t use Oaklee or Oakley.

Mostly I’m wondering: is Oak too similar, as we often call our older son Arthur Jack. And should we use a longer middle name, or just stick with two middles again?

I would love a few more suggestions to think about!

The Name Sage replies:

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

The July baby names in the latest Berrybaby birth announcement report may be short, but they’re long on particularly gorgeous sibsets.  Just consider Caroline, Winnie and Wyatt; Theodora, Beatrix and Elowyn; and Griffin, Willow and Juniper! And some nice classics too.

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photo by Lindsay Wiser

by Sophie Kihm

Our latest celebrity baby names Q+A:

We were so thrilled to talk to Elizabeth Holmes, journalist and creator of “So Many Thoughts.” She and husband Matt Stuart have two sons, and are expecting a daughter later this summer.

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Celebrity Baby Names

by Sophie Kihm

Celebrity baby names can sometimes seem bizarre, and yet celebrity namers are subject to the same sorts of pressures as the rest of us. For example, for everyone naming a first child can be a daunting task. It sets the framework for all your future children’s names, and there are simply so many options (although sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough). How does one begin to make a decision?

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