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They’ve got a long list of maybe-names for their baby girl, but how to narrow it down to just one? Maybe the answer comes from their family tree.

Laura writes:

We’re expecting a little girl in October, our second. We already have a son, Frederick James, called Freddy. It’s the perfect name for us – Frederick is the name of a street that we love, and we both love his nickname. It’s not too popular, but instantly recognizable.

We’ve felt we’ve found THE name for quite a few girls’ names so far. The first we loved was Kennedy, a long time ago. Then we both got sick of it, and my wife decided she hated “presidential” names!

We fell in love with Elliott. Then my sister used it for her dog!

Next up was Annie for a while, and it’s sentimental because my mom, who we both adore, is named Ann. But we have two close friends named Annie, plus other women named Annie that are always going to be in our lives. Too many Annies.

After that, we came to Calla. We worried it was too close to too many popular names (Kayla, Callie, Kylie, Kaylie), so we got sick of it.

Right now, we really like Hazel and ElizaEliza happened after we saw Hamilton! Other names we’ve liked are Francesca called Francie (but I hate Franny), Clancy, and Collins. We like gender neutral names a lot.

The name we choose must sound good with our one-syllable last name starting with a hard C sound, which means two or three syllables. We’d prefer something outside of the Top 100, but still recognizable. We don’t want her to have to spell her name her whole life!

Her middle name will be June, after my wife’s grandmother. We don’t like it as a first name because of our short last name.

Any great names jump out at you? Have we TOTALLY overthought this?

The Name Sage replies:

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by Sophie Kihm

Sibsets with half-siblings can be tricky. Often there is the desire to create a completely cohesive sibset. But new partners can introduce new tastes and preferences for baby names, so a harmonious posse isn’t always possible.

When it does work out though, it is incredibly satisfying. Stanley Tucci has done a fantastic job blending the name his youngest child (with wife Felicity Blunt) with the names of the children from his first marriage. This is especially impressive considering there is a twelve-year age gap between the two youngest. He and Felicity are set to welcome another little one later this year, and I can’t wait to hear his or her name.

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New Royal Baby Name Contest!

It won’t be long now. Though no precise due date has been announced, we do know that the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is expected to appear sometime this month, so the arrival of the little brother or sister for George and Charlotte is imminent.

What else do we know? The rumors of possible twins have been quashed by Prince William himself. And though the bookies have been favoring a girl, there are also those who’ve noted that Kate has been wearing an awful lot of blue lately, and are making predictions based on the “boy” position of her bump. So here at Nameberry we’re on full alert for royal baby names of either gender.

In January, British name expert Eleanor Nickerson offered on NB a snapshot of the leading possibilities based on her deep knowledge of royal names, which you can check out here.

But now we want to hear what you think!

Guess the full royal baby name, complete with multiple middles in the correct order, FOR ONE GENDER ONLY, and win this year’s totally unique surprise custom gift for either yourself or your child.

For inspiration, remember that Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis and brother Harry is officially Henry Charles Albert David. The Duke and Duchess did make things simpler by paring their children’s names down to two middles: George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana—which they well might do again. Or not.

What do you think?

Ground rules: ONE GUESS PER PERSON. That means one name only for either a boy or girl. No duplicates please, because only the first correct guess will win.

As we’ve done before, we’ll keep the contest open until the birth—not the actual name– is announced. No fair guessing after we know the baby’s gender!

If no one guesses the royal baby names in the correct order, the runner-up who comes closest in the opinion of the expert judges (aka Linda and Pam) will receive the prize.


BONUS: Here’s Katinka‘s weekly roundup of choice tidbits from the Forums.

 Naming a boy after his mom? Yes, please! Would you ever consider honoring a female relative with your son’s name?
— Exactly what makes a name “trendy” or “classic” can sometimes be hard to put your finger on. Here are three very similar traditional girls’ names, all with a long and illustrious history, and all currently widely used: how would you label them?
— It’s a big Berry bugbear: mispronouncing names. Have you ever encountered anyone who pronounces their own name “wrong”, and would you correct them?
 The trouble with Bellatrix: she’s got a gorgeous sound, a cool meaning, and a celestial namesake… but is she actually usable? And, if you’re not convinced, how about one of these quirky literary choices instead?

— And just for fun: what would you name triplet girls? I love how no two combos here are the same!

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Double Trouble: Naming Twin Boys

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Choosing two names feels three times as hard! Let’s find some great twin names for Sarah’s new sons.

Sarah writes:

We are expecting twin boys in July, kiddos number three and four for us! We are all thrilled but are having a hard time finding names we love.

Our daughter is named Tallulah, a name we could not love more and which suits her perfectly. Her little brother is Maximilian but is always called Max, a name we both always loved despite its popularity.

This time around we’re having a harder time finding names that haven’t been used by people close to us and that we love as much as Tallulah and Max’s names.

Max was almost Fox which we both love but seems like maybe a bit much alongside Max?

Other names in the running that we more or less agree on are Abe, Jasper, Henry (Hank) and Wolf. My husband is pushing for Blaise or Mars but I’m just not convinced. I love Felix and Forest but he does not. We could always each name one baby! But we’d really like to agree on their names! Any suggestions?

We’d like to avoid giving the boys’ names that start with the same letter if we can, and some names just sound weird with our one-syllable last name that rhymes with ‘News’.

Thank you!

The Name Sage replies:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Some especially gorgeous name choices were announced by berries in March.

I don’t like to play favorites, but I just have to single out twins Pomeline Fay and Perseus Robin, and singletons Jethro Valor and Iolanthe Zelda Irene (sister of Caspian, Zephan, Eve, Peregrine, Dulcinea and Georgia.) Wowie!

There were two other really nicely-named sets of twins:

Josephine Adair and Rosamund Margot and

Ina Reese and Micah St. Leo

Here’s the complete list, together with snippets of their stories:

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