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10 Years, 10 Name Trends We Called

By Linda Rosenkrantz

In 2008, shortly after Pam and I moved our shared baby name expertise from the book world into the virtual universe, we inaugurated a tradition of collaborating towards the end of every year on a blog of our predictions for the following year’s baby name trends, based on the cultural shifts we observed, what was happening in society, politics, the arts, and Hollywood.

We pinpointed certain categories, such as an overall big-picture trend, greatest pop culture influence, most surprising comeback name, new trends inspired by a celebrity name, most fashionable vowel and consonant, ethnic name group most likely to rise, newest old people names, and—one of our favorites– a trend ready to jump the shark.

Here are ten trends we predicted that may have seemed outrageous at the time and how they played out. 

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

In the past month we’ve seen some stunning first, middle and also sibling name choices made by Berries for their September babes.

In boys’ middle names alone, there were the creative picks of Galahad, Prosperity and Thyme.  Two boys were given the name Hugo, and name inspiration included The Handmaid’s Tale, the Knights of the Round Table, philosopher Immanuel Kant and singer June Carter Cash.

Here they are:

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9 Glowing Girl Names: Brilliant and bright

By Linda Rosenkrantz

There are many girls’ names that mean light.  There’s the whole Lu-name contingent: Lux and Luz, Lucy and Lucia, Lucille and Lucinda, for starters. And the bright and clear Clara, Claire, Clarissa contingent. And all the Helen, Helena, Ellen, Leonora et al names that mean ‘bright, shining one.’

But there’s a subset of light-related names that shines even brighter, those with words like radiant, sparkle and brilliance in their definitions, and it’s these that names for girls that we’re looking at today.

Here are 9 brilliant names that will add an electric glow to your baby girl.

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By Sophie Kihm

I’m not in the business of predicting middle names, but I find them as equally fascinating as the first names I am in charge of prognosticating. Some parents choose middles to honor loved ones, some use it as a place to go bold, while others are most concerned with the how it adds to the flow of the full name.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher fall into the first category, giving their son the name Isaiah Michael—his middle being Dad’s full first name. Robin Thicke’s children have the daring middle names of Fuego and Love, and Nev Schulman’s daughter has James in the middle (which I’d argue is a product of her 2016 birthday). Eddie Murphy‘s children have middle names including Mitchell, Ivy, and Oona, and Taylor Hanson‘s kids middles range from the expected to the out-there, with choices like Anne, Ezra, and Moriah.

So even though I’ve only given my predictions for the first names, I’m very excited to see what this group of celebrities decides to go with for their children’s middle names as well. Check out my musings and leave a comment about potential middle name options!

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

So what were the names your sister and brother berries selected for their September babes?

First of all there were two Owens, a name that seems headed towards the top, and two paths to the nickname GusAugustine and Magnus. Great combos like Opal Florentine and Augustine Murphy. And two families that welcomed their eighth child!

Here’s the complete list.

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