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Spanish Baby Names

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes gender-crossing starbaby names, a YouTube trend we love, and the latest popularity charts from Spain.

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

What our June Berrybaby announcements lacked in quantity (only one boy!), they made up for in swoon-worthy baby naming stories. Ivaloo! Belphoebe! A girl named Peregrine! Woo!

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We have more choices for naming our sons than ever before. But that doesn’t mean its easy to find a traditional but modern brother name for Elliott Wilder.

Jenn writes:

We have a baby boy due late August–we’re thrilled that our son will have a brother, but boy names did not come easily to us last time, and we’re dreading the task on this go around.

We finally settled on Elliott Wilder–to us, it had a classic/literary vibe with a side a spunk.  Nothing we can think of now quite matches up.

Current short list is kind of all over the map and includes August/Gus, Arthur, Kit, Miles, Oscar, Finn, and Wells.  Thinking of middle names to help balance the particularly “cutesy” first names we like (re: Finn, Kit) back toward something more classic/enduring has also been challenging (we’re not super fond of the longer form versions of those names, like Finley or Christopher).  I’m also looking to avoid names that are becoming too trendy/common in my neck of the (urban) woods (Felix, Oliver, Henry, etc.).

Thanks for your help!

The Name Sage replies:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

May was a month of stunning sibsets on the Birth Announcements Forum. First prize has to go to adorable twin girls Susannah Sparrow and Sylvie Elisabeth, with adorable nicknames Zuzu and Zibby, and loving the sister name Minta Mae. You’ll also see among the May arrivals some great middles (Valentine, Wren, Everest, Fitzwilliam), and some other novel nicknames.

Here’s the full list.

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The Hottest Nickname Names of 2018

by Sophie Kihm

We’ve taken a hint from the Brits, as nicknames are being used as given names more and more in the US each year. Liam outranks William, Lily is more common than Lillian, and names like Bella, Jack, Ellie, Eli, and Sadie are all in the Top 100.

These nicknames are all cool, but they’re not hot. A hot nickname is one that is climbing quickly, rising fifty or more places in the Top 1000. Nicknames often become hot thanks to pop culture references or due to similarities to other popular names.

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