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A Middle Name to Grow Into

name Sojourner

by Eva Sojourner Dunsky

On the playground, I remember my friends and I trying to guess each other’s middle names.  It didn’t take long to arrive at the Elizabeths and Maries, the Annes and the Lynns. But no one ever guessed mine.

“It starts with an ‘S’,” I conceded.  My friends scrunched up their faces, thinking hard.


Not quite.

My parents named me ‘Eva Sojourner’, a name which used to embarrass me, as the Sojourner we learned about in school was a famous African-American abolitionist and I am none of those things.  ‘Sojourner’ literally means ‘one who travels,’ and they wanted me to live an adventurous and full life — you know, get out and see the sights. This makes sense to me now.

It didn’t back then. Amongst my friends, it became a running joke that my middle name was something too weird to be uttered out loud.  

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By John Kelly

March Madness makes for some of the most exciting weeks in all of sports, which got us here at Nameberry excited about…yep, their connection to baby names. After sizing up the bench, we found some inspiration in the surnames of some of the NBA and WNBA’s greatest players. (Don’t worry, Jordan, you’re still #1—and probably inspired the most namesakes of any athlete.)

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

In the short month of February, there was still enough time for some surprising inspiration stories  and several interesting and unusual baby names—including two sets of twins:

Meadow Marybeth and Bram Oliver

Penelope Hazel Terese and Violet Cecilia Kate

And there continued to be a proliferation of nature names in first and middle place, and among siblings this month. We spotted 2 Violets, a Poppy a Meadow, a Hazel, 3 Winters, a Juniper, a Flora and a Cloud.

Unusual names included girls called Tulsi and Remy, a boy named Lorian, and cute nickname middle Roz (representing a trendlet).

Here’s the complete list of berrybabies posted on the forums in February.

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Sweet Spots and Super Smooshes

By Clare Bristow

This week’s baby name news includes clever smooshes, the perfect choice for a winter Olympian’s baby, and names that however much you love them, just won’t go with your last name.

Sweet spot biblical names: Gideon

Looking for a biblical boy name that’s familiar but not overused? Something between Jacob and Jehoshaphat? One to consider is Gideon, the name of the newest member of the Duggar clan. (He shares the same middle name, Martyn, as his dad.) Gideon sits comfortably in the US top 400 but doesn’t look like it’s going to be the Next Big Thing. Other biblical boys’ names in this sweet spot include Solomon, Zachariah and Moses.

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By John Kelly

This Black History Month, we’re taking a look at some of the great jazz musicians of the past century. But these cats didn’t just give us some of the best music. Their names also offer some inspiration for baby boy names—and on the flip, serve as a cool way for jazz lovers to honor and remember their musical heroes.

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