Mighty Middle Names Add Fun!

Mighty Middle Names Add Fun!

Nameberry’s September birth announcements are in!

As well as some stunning first name choices from our ever-stylish Berries, we have absolutely loved seeing the quirky and creative middle names chosen this month. From Astoria and Europa to Fox and Jet, Septembers’s new arrivals prove that an unexpected middle name (or two!) can really add that extra spark to a combination.

Continuing on our bumper streak, we’ve welcomed a set of twins -- with fantastic twin names -- and a set of triplets to the Nameberry community this month. (All beautifully named, of course!)

And a special mention must go to @SaraBee808, whose story of the caring and collaborative naming of her adopted daughter Zella Belle is guaranteed to warm your heart. You can read the full story here.

Without further ado, here are all of the September birth announcements from the Nameberry community.

Girl Names

Beatrix Astoria, sister to Tristan Alexander, Cassius Edward and Alexia Hildegarde

“We all loved Bellatrix so much but didn’t like the relation to the character. Beatrix is everything we love about the name and more.”

Eden Europa

“My husband and I met in school when we were doing a project on solar bodies and we were assigned Jupiter’s moon, Europa. That project gave me my best friend in the entire world and led to this wonderful life I live. We’ve always known we would use it as a middle name for our daughter.”

Freja Tessa

“Thanks for the help in naming, Berries!”

Isle Maverick Skye, twin of Israel Jet and sister to Ivory Cadence

“Ivy is already in love and we are so excited Ly and Izzy are here with us!”

Saskia Fleur

“Thank you for all your help with the naming!”

Vienna Emily, triplet of Phoenix Sigmund and Beck Roswell and sister to Rune Thomas Fairfax and Sora Juliet

Vivienne Pearl, sister to Leo Harry

“There were so many girls names we loved— we did not have this issue with boys!— but we are so excited that Viv is here and so far a super calm and sweet babe. Unlike her brother who came out roaring, hence Leo.”

Zella Belle

“For those that don’t know, we were adopting a baby girl and wanted to find the perfect name for her. We wanted it to be pretty, spunky, and most importantly, that it would honor her first mother. With your help, we, along with her first parents, chose Zella… It’s perfect for her. It’s perfect for us. And it gave us the opportunity to start this new relationship with her other parents from a place of fundamental respect and love.”

Boy Names

Beck Roswell, triplet of Vienna Emily and Phoenix Sigmund and brother to Rune Thomas Fairfax and Sora Juliet

Casper Daehlin Sinclair, brother to James and August

Everett Spence, brother to Noah Rupert

“I love the name Everett and how its heard of but not common. Spence is my maternal grandmas maiden name.”

Hugo Fox Francesco

“Hugo Fox sounds like a celebrity, or sports star. I just love it. And my favourite children’s book is called Fox by Margaret Wild. While I was on the operating table, my partner snuck in the suggestion of adding Francesco to honour his nonno. And being high on alllll the drugs, I said sure – sounds great. So now we have a double-barrel name in the middle, and I love it.”

Israel Jet, twin of Isle Maverick Skye and brother to Ivory Cadence

“Their names are unique and we love them!”

Ozlo Felix

“We were a bit worried our family would think the name was odd but nope everyone has loved it, only my dad is iffy so he calls him Oz, but hey we love that nickname.”

Phoenix Sigmund, triplet of Vienna Emily and Beck Roswell and brother to Rune Thomas Fairfax and Sora Juliet

Witt Thomson

“My husband and I toyed around with the spelling, deciding between Whit and Witt but felt that the former spelling felt more like a nickname to Whitney and people might wonder if it’s shortened. Witt just felt right!”

Our warmest congratulations all round!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in one of our Babyberry roundups, you can post about the name you chose and the story behind it on our Birth Announcements forum. We love hearing about the beautiful names our members and visitors are using!

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