British Sibling Names

April 13, 2016 Pamela Redmond
British baby names

British birth announcement time is a little like Christmas here at Nameberry, with an array of British sibling names — our focus this time — waiting to be examined and admired.

The British names here from recent birth announcements in the London Telegraph are notable not just for their own wonderfulness, but for how well they go with the names of their brothers and sisters.

British Girl Names

Angelina Louise, a sister for Paloma

Beatrice Katherine Cecily, a sister for Henry and Charles

Celia Clemency, a sister for Angus

Georgina Ruth, a sister for Imogen

Hermione Bruce, a sister for Lilah

Ida Poppy Frances, a sister for Jacobi and Stanley

India Elizabeth Louise Irving, a sister for Otis

Jemima Charlotte Salisbury, a sister for Oscar

Lily Rose Scarlett, a sister for Oscar, William, and Felix

Matilda Emily, sister to William, George, and Johnnie

Ottilie Elsa Violet, a sister to Coco

Persephone Imogen May, a sister for Humphrey

Sadie Beatrice, a sister for Olive Savannah

Vera Alice Margaret, a sister for Eddie

Violet Isabel Dorothy, a sister for Eliza

British Boy Names

 Bertram Crispin Clive, a brother for Saskia

Casimir David Nichols, a brother for Evie and Olivia

Caspar Rudolf Penrice, a brother for Hubert

Dexter Oliver, a brother for Oscar

Frederick Charles Rudolph, a brother for Violet

Hubert Honary William, a brother to Ella Rose

Huxley Guy Appleby, a brother for Maximilian Merlin

Idris Gerrard Dragan, a brother for Solomon

Ottar Robin Angus, a brother to Charles

Patrick James Richard, a brother for Philippa and William

Ralph Guy Vallance, a brother to Elisabeth

Rory Jon Rhidian, a brother for Cressida

Sanders Christopher Duncan, a brother for Rafe

Stirling Alexander Raif, a brother for Mason and Ayla

Toby Hamish Francis, a brother for Gus

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