Bewitching Halloween Names

For Halloween, what could be more bewitching than the names of witches? And the good thing is that they’re not all hideously ugly with warts and moles and hair on their chinny-chin-chins. And they’re not all totally evil either. In addition to the traditionally witchy witches, pop culture has brought us some who are nice and funny and even beautiful—think Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Novak. Here’s a mix of possible witch-inspired names for your Halloween baby.


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In the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle, Gillian Holyroyd, played by Kim Novak, is a Greenwich Village witch who runs a primitive art gallery and uses her supernatural powers for her own romantic ends. Curiously, Nicole Kidman’s witch character in Practical Magic has the same name. Gillian, a common name in medieval England and still well used in the UK, is often spelled with a J. Either way, it’s an attractive option, retaining some of its British accent.

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