March Baby Names Announcements

March Baby Names Announcements

By Linda Rosenkrantz

What an absolute bonanza of berrybaby names were announced in March—I think it’s the largest number we’ve had in a single month yet! And with all that, not one fabulous first name was repeated! Though Theodore did make his presence seen in both first and middle place, and there were two sunny Soleils (an up-and-comer) as middle names.  We love seeing some of our more unusual faves being used, as in Delta, Amoret, Lysander and Cedar.

Here the full list of Nameberry’s March Baby Names, with some of their intriguing backstories:


Amber Grace

“I love that Amber is a gemstone, and our Amber is definitely a gem and dream come true! Grace is my grandmother’s middle name.”

Amelia Lily Soleil

Soleil was a last minute addition, because she just reminds me of sunshine so much”

Amoret Gweneth

“Although I didn’t know if I was brave enough to use the name as it is so unusual (we are surrounded by very common names) I am so glad we did….I love the story and history behind it, and above all, love that our little Amoret represents (to us) the beauty of our own married love.”

Anna Sóley, sister of Eva Juliette and Jane Alexandria

“Our initial thought was that Sóley would be too out there for us to use, but we decided in the end that it didn’t matter all that much,”

Annabel Sofia, sister of Miriam Nicole, Cowen Timothy, Emeline Beckie, Eli Wilford, Harriet Franceszka, Oskar John and Clover Mildred

“We picked Annabel because it felt like such a happy, bouncy, sprightly name. We also liked that it is a Scottish name as my husband’s family is Scottish in heritage….Sofia is a family name from a Danish several greats-grandmother….Since this is our last baby, we liked that she tied it all together.

Arwen Ruth Margaret

Delta Irene, sister of Nash Keller and Harper Leopold

“DH chose Irene as her middle, since its meaning of peace appealed to him. I’m also happy that we somehow honored my sister Elaine with the “el” in Delta.”

Evangeline Soleil

Evangeline carries the same meaning as her Grandma Weona’s name, and Soleil has the strong/nature meaning we’d hoped for too.”

Iris Juliet

“We chose Iris in part because it means “rainbow.” My father passed away during the early part of my pregnancy and I came to view Iris as my little rainbow after the storm. My husband initially wasn’t sure about the name because he loves nicknames and Irish did not have an obvious nickname, but he was won over when he decided that he can nickname her Izzy.”

Jane Katherine, sister of Malcolm Arthur

Kaelie Astrid Pearl, sister of Gideon Royal, Elysia June and Lolita Rain

“…we ended up giving her two middle names because I adore Astrid’s meaning “Divinely Beautiful” so very much. I also love that my engagement ring was a pearl. Drake chose her first name as he adores Kaylee in all forms and it was his turn to choose a name, I chose Gideon’s first name, he chose his middle, he chose Elysia’s first name I chose her middle, I chose Lola’s first name, he chose her middle….We plan on using Kiki as a nickname.

Leonora Winter

“A big name which suits her feisty personality.”

Louisa Marie, sister of Konrad Wolfgang

Louisa is the name of the street I grew up on, so it brings back great memories for me, and Marie, though seen as a “filler” name, has been used in my family as a middle for generations and honors several important women to me, especially my mom and both grandmothers.”


“We first thought of Olympia when we’d gone past the due date and thought we might have a leapling; it seemed a good way to acknowledge something that happened only every four years. Leap day came and went but we couldn’t shift the baby from its comfy spot or the name from out minds…The speedy nature of her eventual arrival confirmed what we already knew: Vivien and Elisabetta weren’t right for her and she could be nothing but Olympia.”


“We love our Zuzu, and we love the strong, classic name she will grow into.”

Vasilia Nephele, sister of Katerina Ariadne

Vivienne Elise, sister of Nora Cathleen

Vivienne is one of the few names my husband and I could agree on. We liked how it was classy and vintage yet familiar. For some reason we both prefer this spelling and easily agreed on it. Elise is a variant of my MIL’s first name.”


Brecken James, brother of Chase Owen and Avalon Kay

“We went in with 10+ boy names, but ended up sticking with the name I just couldn’t get out of my heart—especially when he came out with a head of beautiful dark hair. I love that we now have an A, B, and C too.”

Carl Jonathan

“We named him Carl after my husband’s grandfather and Jonathan has been one of my favorite names since I was a teenager. We love that he has a recognizable name but not one that he’ll share with a bunch of his friends, a problem that both his father and I had growing up with our common names.”

Declan Heath, brother of Tyce Daniel

Heath is my mother’s maiden name.”

Felix Tobias

Finley Miles, brother of Kuyper Aaron, Zane Henry and Charles Lloyd

Finley was chosen because DH likes the NN Finn and it has a Y in it. All 4 of my boys have a Y in their name as a connection to me. Being an Irish and Scottish name it fit perfectly for a St. Pattie’s baby (St. Patrick was born in Scotland). Miles is a family name.”

Franklin Xavier, brother of Penelope Marguerite

“We chose Franklin because Penelope wanted to name the baby “Blankie.” We thought “Frankie” was a good compromise.”

JamesJemLysander, brother of CharlesCalAlasdair

Just as Cal’s name has a lot of family significance and personal meaning behind it, Jem’s name honors his father, Russell James, our family’s origin around the James River, and my husband’s and my passion for English literature and the ancient classics. We also love that Charles and Lysander both mean “free man.”

Lachlan Fraser, brother of Roxanne Rosemunde and Vivienne Elaine

“…I have to give credit to Nameberry as I found Lachlan on the blog…My husband liked it best of my suggestions as it is a nod to his Scottish and Norwegian roots, and we paired it with an old family name, Fraser, for a middle.”

Levi Cedar, brother of Brynn Aspen

“We love the simplicity and boldness of Levi paired with the uniqueness of Cedar, and it seemed to flow well with the nature theme we picked for our daughter.”

Lucas Elliott

“We were between Lucas and Elliott and realized they sound so sweet when put together.”

Oscar Benjamin, brother of Anna Sofia and Eva Celeste

Shepherd Ari Wallace, brother of Isaiah Derek Wallace

Wallace is my husband’s stepdad’s last name. He has been his main father figure and we wanted to honour him by using his last name as both our children’s second middle name. Ari is Hebrew for Lion of God, which we loved for its biblical meaning and as a nod to my husband’s Jamaican roots (lion is a big figure in Jamaican culture). We also like that both boys have a Hebrew/biblical name, a shared second middle name and a name that means leader (Derek’s meaning is gifted ruler.)”

Solomon Teddy, brother of Levi Daniel

Solomon was my husband’ s great-grandfather’s name and Teddy was my grandfather’s name.”

Theodore Saige, brother of Bryce Ryker

“The name Theodore has been on our list for a few years now and we initially chose it for the nickname Teddy. Saige is my middle name (minus the “I”), we thought adding the I made it look more masculine.”

Walter Theodore

We chose Walter as we wanted a strong first name to suit our strong boy, and being avid Disney and movie fans definitely was an impacting factor. Theodore was picked for several reasons. Little Women has always been one of my favourite books; in fact, my Mum named me Josephine after Josephine March, so I’ve always wanted to use the name Theodore. Theodore was also the first name that my husband told me he liked back when we were dating…We also used a Dr Seuss quote for both our engagement and wedding, so Theodore is our little nod to Dr Seuss.”

William Daniel, brother of Grant Leonard

“He’s named after his paternal grandpa and great grandpa.

What’s your favorite of these names?  Best first and middle combo?  Nicest sibset?

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