Nature name and surname, English

Rivers Origin and Meaning

The name Rivers is a girl's name meaning "rivers".

Rivers is an indisputably unisex surname with is strong nature connotation and its connection to the character Diana Rivers from Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre. Rivers is also the first name of one of the girl Sweet Home sextuplets.

Combining two major trends, nature names and S-ending surnames, Rivers is most famous as a first name via Weezers (male) frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Famous People Named Rivers

  • Caitlin Rivers Crowell (b. 1980)daughter of singers Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash; granddaughter of singer Johnny Cash
  • Rivers McCall Waldrop (b. 2017) daughter of Eric and Courtney Waldrop; one of the sextuplets featured on the TLC show “Sweet Home Sextuplets”