A Spring Bouquet of Babyberry Names

A Spring Bouquet of Babyberry Names

Our April birth announcements are in, and the latest bunch of beautiful Babyberry names feel full of the joys of spring!

Sweet and whimsical spring flower name Primrose appears twice on this month’s list: once as a middle name, and once as a first – with the beautiful nickname Posy.

April’s new parents are all about long, strong full names with sweet nicknames, from the classic FrederickFreddie” to the unexpected CaledoniaCallie” to the frankly adorable Honey Bea and Teddy Bear for twins.

There are also some fabulous names to be spotted amongst the older siblings of our April arrivals, like fresh vintage rarities Clarence and Delphine, or cool surname-meets-nature-name Wolfe.

Read on for all the baby names announced on the Nameberry forums in April.

Girl Names

Beatrice Sophie Primrose, twin of Theodore Lucas Alfred and sister to Clarence Arthur Edmund

“She is Honey Bea most frequently or just BeaBeatrice has been our favorite girl name since forever practically so it was never really a question on what her first name would be. Sophie is after my best friend, and our children’s godmother, also named Sophie, and Primrose picked for how fresh and lovely and springlike it is.”

Caledonia Jane

“Her nickname is Callie which is what most of our families call her, but we’ve gotten compliments on her full name as well.”

Eleanor Victoria, sister to Gillian Margaret, Coraline Genevieve and Phineas Arthur

“I was a very reluctant to use Eleanor because it’s so popular, but it’s also so perfect in every other way. For those interested in silly nicknames, we called her Hunca Munca before she was born, and all four kids have silly nicknames to go by: Bean, Bug, Bear, and now Boo.”

Primrose Delilah “Posy”, sister to Theodore William “Teddy” and Isobel Autumn “Belle”

“Thank you for all the help with her name! I’m so in love with it and her!”

Boy Names

Frederick John, brother to Delphine Mary

Frederick is a name we both loved for its international familiarity, and the fact that it’s a good mix of being traditional but not too popular in North America. We plan to use the full name and the nickname FreddieJohn is my father’s name, and he’s thrilled to have a namesake.”

Harrison Shaw, brother to Oliver Westley and Jamie Wolfe

“His brothers love him so much and it’s so sweet to see them together. Thank you for all your suggestions and love in our journey.”

Theodore Lucas Alfred, twin of Beatrice Sophie Primrose and brother to Clarence Arthur Edmund

“We’re mostly calling him Ted and Teddy Bear. We struggled a lot trying to find his name and couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful community here on Nameberry! We ultimately picked Theodore because it felt the most natural with Clarence and Beatrice, it has the same charm to it. Lucas is in honor of my husband’s brother who unfortunately passed away when they were young. Alfred we picked because we like how soft and cozy it is.”

Our warmest congratulations to all the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, let us know the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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