Best Z Names for Girls

Best Z Names for Girls

There aren’t very many usable names beginning with Z, and there are even fewer girl names that start with Z than there are for boys. Yet the very rarity of girls’ names starting with Z of the alphabet immediately gives them an element of distinction.

Over the years, Zelda has been the longest-running American Z girl, in the Top 1000 for most of the years between 1880 and 1967 (and returning in 2015). But recently it has been Zoe — and all her spelling variations — that has been the massive hit.

Here are some more great Z names for girls.


When future novelist Sadie Smith changed her name to Zadie at the age of 14, she knew that it would become more eye-catching. With Sadie having gone more mainstream modern, we might expect to see more Zadies as well.


This evocative multi-cultural name (Hebrew and Swahili) came into the spotlight when Angelina Jolie chose it for her Ethiopian daughter, whose birth name was Teena Adam. Its aural resemblance to Sahara adds a pleasant desert-like feel, making Zahara feel like a fresh spin on popular Savannah.


Zara made a modern impact when Britain’s Princess Anne moved out of the royal box and named her daughter Zara in 1981. Zara, pronounced either rhyming with Sarah or as "ZAH-ruh", is now Number 212 in the US, 117 on Nameberry, 73 in England, and 43 in Australia. Eddie Murphy used the Zahra spelling for daughter Bella’s middle name. (But bear in mind that Zara is also the name of a popular clothing store franchise.)


Yes, after half a century’s hiatus, Zelda is back on trend, one of the fastest-rising girls’ names, thanks to the video game The Legend of Zelda and renewed attention focused on Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald.


This cute French name has been picking up in popularity there in recent years. Zelie is derived from Azélie, which is thought to be derived from Adelaide, meaning "noble". Marie-Azélie, called Zelie, was a French saint in the 19th century.

Top Z Names for Girls in the US


With Ella, Bella, Stella, and their sisters booming in popularity, why not the zippy Zella? Zella is an African name that would work well in the Western world as well. Zella ranked within the Top 1000 until the 1950s, peaking in the late 1800s — all of this points to Zella being ready for a revival.


Looking for a Z name with history? This one harks back to the beautiful and intelligent ancient Queen of Palmyra, and is also found in the novels of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edith Wharton. Tina Fey used it for daughter Alice’s middle name. Bonus: spiritual nickname Zen is an interesting option.


The breezy Zephyr associated with the Greek god of the west wind has been used occasionally for boys, but definitely has crossover potential. The feminine version Zephyrine nudges it closer to Seraphina and Severine. Zephyrine has also been used as a royal name.


Different from the other names on the list, with its edgy Z sound a contrast to its colorful floral image. Zinnia is rarely heard in real life, but the seeds are on order from the catalogue and are ready to be planted and bloom in the garden of flower names. Zinnia is already Number 698 in Nameberry popularity, and can be seen as the name of Matilda's outlandish mother in the children's book by Roald Dahl.


This lively international name has a lot of potential. As a Hebrew name, Ziva relates to the month of Israeli independence. As a Slavic name, Ziva (also spelled Živa and Siva) is a goddess of love, life, and fertility. Whatever the origin, Ziva is full of life and energy, and would work well in the US as a more distinctive alternative to Eva.

Unique Girl Names Starting With Z


Zola is an African name with literary and athletic (record-breaking runner Zola Budd) ties. This strong, accessible name has found some fans in the celebrisphere, used by both Eddie Murphy and Dweezel Zappa for their daughters. Zola is also the name of the adopted daughter of protagonists Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd on the show Grey's Anatomy. It was in the US Top 100 through 1940.


Once in popular use — it was Number 293 in 1885 and stayed on the list through 1940, Zora is now back in the Top 1000. Zora has one particularly notable namesake: writer Zora Neale Hurston, one of the leaders of the Harlem Renaissance. Spelled Zorah, it’s a biblical place name.


Zoe and Zoey are wildly popular in the US in recent years, both in the Top 50. The Russian and Greek variation Zoya is a intruiging twist on the name. Zoya entered the Top 1000 in 2020, and remains in the high 900s today, making her a unique choice.


Zuri is a gender-neutral name of Kiswahili origin that is used throughout many parts of Africa with the lovely meaning "good, beautiful". Zuri was introduced as a girl's name to many people in the US through adorable little girl in the Disney channel show Jessie. Since then, Zuri has taken off, now at number 207 in the US.


Coco, Lulu, Gigi, and similar nicknames are becoming fashionable again, and Zuzu is ready to join them. Zuzu, a short form of Susannah and related names, feels much fresher than Susie. Who can forget James Stewart’s adorable little girl whom you watch every Christmas in It’s a Wonderful Life? For a more distinct long form, Slavic Zuzanna is gorgeous.

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