Gender: Female Pronunciation: ZAN-thee Meaning of Xanthe: "golden, yellow" Origin of Xanthe: Greek

Xanthe Origin and Meaning

The name Xanthe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "golden, yellow".

X marks the spot in names these days, usually at the middles or ends of names, but here is one that puts it squarely up front.

This exotic name, which, like all Greek names beginning with 'x' is pronounced as if it were a 'z', is derived from the Greek word for the color yellow. A Homeric epithet of Demeter, Xanthe, which arose as a name for a blonde, conjures up an image of an exotic, other-worldly being.

Xenia is another alluring "X' name, this one meaning 'hospitality.

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Xantha, Zanthe, Xanthia, Xanthipe


EJpuddlejumper Says:


beautiful, spunky, and rare! Quirky but beautiful choice!

xanthe_1 Says:


I googled my name just for fun in English and I saw people in the comments disagreeing on how to say my name. I pronouce it (zan-thee). I get (Zan-thu) as my nickname sometimes but not really. I had some fun reading through the comments and I saw the one comment behind me asked how useable my name is in real life.

xanthe_1 Says:


Headintheclouds, I can assure you my name is very much usable, and while all the substitute teachers butcher it on roll call, everyone always always asks where my name is from and gushes over how unusual and pretty it is. Everyone gets used to your name, and I'm starting to know more Xanthes, well like two but still.

Amelia Linden Soter Says:


My husband's family is from Greece. We pronounce my daughter's name as KsAN-thee with a soft th. It's a nickname for the ancient name Xanthippi.

lillia_ Says:


I thought it was pronounced just "Zanth", one syllable. My mom really wanted to name my sister this but went with Iris instead.

paulapuddephatt Says:



headintheclouds Says:


Xanthe was always the X- girl name I'd put down in baby name games, since there are so few X- initial girl names, and fewer still I actually enjoy. Extremely unusual and unique name to say the least, and it has a gravitas that I'm drawn to, + it looks lovely and just stunning written down. I prefer it pronounced Zan-thuh, but the Zan-thee pronunciation does give it more of a lively oomph. Not sure how usable Xanthe would be IRL, but I would love to see this name slowly enter the mainstream naming radar!

Tamsin Says:


Really liking this name.

ElsaAnne1 Says:


I thought it was Zan-thay? Guess I might be wrong!

EW314 Says:


I really like this name, and it would be very cool to have the rare X as your initial. I like Xantha and Xanthia too but my favourite is just Xanthe.

I'd just worry that non-name nerds would struggle to pronounce it.

vintageisfave Says:


I also like Xanthea

RoddyThlayli Says:


I really like this name, but spelled Xanth and pronounced Zanth like the Magic of Xanth series by Piers Anthony, I think it makes a nice name for a boy.

RenRose Says:


It's definitely ZAN-thee.

Mommymackenzie Says:


My husbands middle name is Xanthe and he pronounces it Zan-thuh

eveyalecia Says:


My guess is that it's probably Zan-thee, like other Greek names ending in the -ee sound (Phoebe, Chloe, Daphne, etc.)

taliawhat Says:


Your username took me by surprise for a second, lol! Looks like there are two Talia's that love this name!

Essa Says:


I really thought this was pronounced Zan-thuh. I much prefer it that way.

RachelAnnM Says:


They're probably both right. I, however, know someone named this and she pronounces it Zan-thee.

Scintiller Says:


This is one of my favourites! But I have seen it on other sites with the suggested pronounciation of 'Zanth-AH', though I had always understood this name to be pron. 'Zanth-EE'. Does anyone know if this other pronunciation is correct, or are they both right?

TaliaCat Says:


Love this name!