Botanical name; Arabic

Senna Origin and Meaning

The name Senna is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "brightness".
Senna is a flowering bush common in the tropics, with bright yellow flowers. In herbal medicine, Senna has gained some notice as the active ingredient in so-called "dieter's teas," which works mainly as a laxative. While that is a less-than-savory association, Senna has a pretty sound and is a fresh entry in the flourishing botanical names genus.

Senna Popularity

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Famous People Named Senna

  • Senna Lewisb. 2010, daughter of Lady Davina Lewis
  • Ayrton SennaBrazilian Formula 1 driver
  • Bruno SennaBrazilian racing driver (nephew of Ayrton Senna)
  • Danzy SennaAmerican writer

Senna in Pop Culture

  • Senna is found in inscriptions from Roman Britain and thought to be an ancient Celtic women's name.
  • Sennavampire of the Amazon coven in 'Twilight'
  • SennaAvatar Korra's mother in 'The Legend of Korra'
  • Sennacharacter in the anime movie 'Bleach: Memories of Nobody'
  • Senna Sulphur (Phoebis sennae)a large lemon,yellow butterfly
  • Senna August@hiddenspringz's sim on instagram

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