AY-sa, AH-sa, O-sa
Hebrew, Japanese, or Scandinavian
"healer; morning; of the gods"

Asa Origin and Meaning

The name Asa is a girl's name of Hebrew, Japanese origin meaning "healer; morning; of the gods".

A male Biblical name meaning healer, Asa is also an international gem. In Japanese, it means "(born in the) morning". And in Scandinavia, where it's generally spelled Åsa or Ása and pronounced O-sa, it's a popular diminutive form of Old Norse names beginning with the element áss "god".

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Asa Popularity

Famous People Named Asa

  • Asa Charlotte Bartha (b. 2014)daughter of Justin Bartha

Asa in Pop Culture

  • Asa VajdaMoldavian witch in Mario Bava's 1960 horror classic "Black Sunday"
  • The Japanese word for "morning"