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Gender: Female Origin of Sabine: French and German form of Sabina

The name Sabine is a girl's name of French origin. Sabine and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

This slightly more compact version of Sabina has ties to France and Germany. Unlike its sister name, Sabine has never charted in the United States Top 1000.

Sabine Lisicki is a German professional tennis player. The Sabine River runs through Louisiana.

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Famous People Named Sabine

Sabine Appelmans, Belgian tennis player.
Sabine Azema, French actress.
Sabine Baeb, German pair skater
Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, German politician
Sabine Postel, German actress.
Sabine Lisicki, German Tennis Player
(Diana) Sabine Moussier, German-Mexican actress
(Albertje) Sabine Uitslag, Dutch politician
Sabine Koning, Dutch actress
Sabine Busch, German athlete
Sabine Schmitz, German racing driver
Sabine De Vos, Belgian TV presenter
Sabine Bonnaire, sister of French actress Sandrine Bonnaire; subject of film "Her Name is Sabine"
Sabine Baring-Gould, male English Anglican priest

Pop Culture References for the name Sabine

Sabine, Dutch character on "Fresh Meat".
Sabine Rose, character in "The Seer Series" by Linda Joy Singleton.
Sabine Wren, character in "Star Wars Rebels".
Sabine Cheng, character in "Miraculous Ladybug"
The rape of the Sabine Women, incident from Roman mythology.


beachbear Says:


There was a children's book that included creepy dolls, one of whom was named Sabine. I don't remember which book, just that I was creeped out and therefore can't see this name outside that context.

kriselle_e Says:


Absolutely love this no-frills feminine name.

nicole_in_paris1 Says:


i love mother_dragons comment below, very well said! also, the rape of the sabine women has various interpretations and indeed, should not limit one to choose this lovely name. Of course, i am biased. My daughter is called Sabine Arabella and one of the reasons we chose it is because it is very easy for anyone, from any country to read & pronounce.

mother_dragons Says:


I don't think the Rape of the Sabine women is a completely bad association. Some years after their kidnapping, war started between Roman and Sabine men and the very same women that had been taken acted as mediators. They asked them to stop the war, because they didn't want to lose their father and brothers (who fought on one side) or their husbands and children (who fought on the other).
If that's not an act of bravery, unconditional love and strength of character, I don't know what is. Who wouldn't want to raise a brave, loving, strong daughter?

JazzDeSaturn Says:


This is another name I had to scrap unfortunately. While I love the name, the rape of the Sabine women was one hurtle that my husband and I just felt no one would ever let us live down. Even if we explained that rape in those times didn't mean sexual assault but kidnapping, I don't think our families would have felt like that was any better, let alone our future daughter. Too bad, gorgeous name.

vintageisfave Says:


My sister was almost named this. When my parents ultimately settled on Tiana for her, I was almost named this! But when I was born they decided that I looked more like a Sophie, so here I am, Sophie:)

Zuzana Says:


I love Sabine - we can't lose all beautiful names with bad associations! My favorite name in regards to Sabina or Sabrina.

headintheclouds Says:


Such a pretty, elegant name, but the Rape of the Sabine Women really, really puts me off it. I turn to Sabina as an alternative- calmer-sounding alternative to the springy Sabrina, but still livelier than the ultimate calm and cool Sabine.

larkspur83 Says:


I've loved this name ever since the 90s Disney version of the Three Musketeers! Haha. It's a beautiful name. FYI, "rape" when used in the context of ancient Rome actually means to kidnap, not to sexually assault. The Romans kidnapped some of the single women from the Sabine tribe and then married them. Also it's just a great name.

TaliaCat Says:


Pretty, sexy name

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


It reminds me of the Rape of the Sabine Women 😁