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Gender: F Origin of Sabine: French and German form of Sabina

This slightly more compact version of Sabina has ties to France and Germany. Unlike its sister name, Sabine has never charted in the United States Top 1000.

Sabine Lisicki is a German professional tennis player. The Sabine River runs through Louisiana.

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Famous People Named Sabine

Sabine Appelmans, Belgian tennis player
Sabine Azema, French actress
Sabine Baeb, German pair skater
Sabine Baring-Gould, male English Anglican priest
Sabine Postel, German actress
Sabine Lisicki, German Tennis Player
Wallace Clement Sabine, American physicist
Sir Edward Sabine, Anglo-Irish explorer
Joseph Sabine, English lawyer and naturalist

Pop Culture References for the name Sabine

"Her Name Is Sabine" (2009), French documentary film
"Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence" by Nick Bantock
Sabine, Dutch character on "Fresh Meat"
Sabin, unit of sound absorption named after Wallace Sabine
Sabine Glacier, a glacier in Antarctica
Sabine Rose, protagonist in "The Seer Series" by Linda Joy Singleton
The rape of the Sabine Women, incident from Roman mythology
Sabine Wren, "Star Wars Rebels"