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Gender: Male Meaning of Rupert: "bright fame" Origin of Rupert: German variation of Robert

The name Rupert is a boy's name of German origin meaning "bright fame". Rupert and is often added to lists like British Boy Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Rupert is a charming-yet-manly name long more popular in Britain (where it's attached to a beloved cartoon bear) than in the U.S. Yet we can see Rupert as a more stylish, modern way to honor an ancestral Robert.

Rupert has been more visible in this country of late via Rupert Grint, portrayer of Harry Potter's Ron Weasley and the character Rupert Giles, mentor of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as actors Rupert Everett and Rupert Graves--not to mention media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Off the US popularity lists since the early fifties, Rupert ranks high on Nameberry--at Number 170.

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Famous People Named Rupert

Rupert, King of Germany
Saint Rupert of Salzburg, Bishop of Worms, Austria
Rupert Francis Young, English actor
(Keith) Rupert Murdoch, Australian-American media mogul
Rupert James Hector Everett, English actor
Rupert Graves, English actor
Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint, English actor
Rupert William Penry-Jones, English actor
Rupert William Anthony Friend, English actor
Rupert Louis Ferdinand Frederick Constantine Lofredo Leopold Herbert Maximilian Hubert John Henry, Prince of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg, German financial manager of The Rolling Stones
Rupert von Trapp, son of Georg and Maria von Trapp of "Sound of Music" fame
Rupert, Prince of the Rhine, cavalry commander during the English Civil War
Rupert Boneham, American reality TV contestant ("Survivor")
Rupert Chawner Brooke, English WWI poet
Rupert Atkinson, brother of English actor Rowan Atkinson
(Alfred) Rupert Sheldrake, English parapsychology author
Rupert Davies, English actor
Rupert Evans, English actor
Rupert Holmes (born David Goldstein), English singer-songwriter
Rupert Miles Sanders, English film director

Pop Culture References for the name Rupert

Rupert Bear, English cartoon character
Rupert of Hentzau, central character in "The Prisoner of Zenda"
Rupert Psmith aka Ronald Eustace Psmith, dandyish Old Etonian (expelled) flaneur and social escapologist in the works of P.G. Wodehouse
Rupert "Ru" Keith, Millie's pensive younger brother in "A Life of Faith" series
Rupert Clinton, main character in G. A. Henty's, The Dash for Khartoum
Rupert Burns, character from movie "Bicentennial Man"
Rupert, Stewie's teddy bear on TV's "Family Guy"
Rupert Kirke, Rupert Lemon, Rupert Xavier, and Rupert Pierpoint, part of boy band The Ruperts; characters from Moldavsky’s “Kill The Boy Band.”
Rupert Holliday, main character in G. A. Henty's, A Cornet of Horse
Rupert Giles, character on TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rupert Thorne, character in DC Universe
Rupert, squirrel in the 1950 Christmas film The Great Rupert
Rupert Campbell-Black, character in the Rutshire Chronicles series by Jilly Cooper
Rupert T. Waxflatter, character in the film Young Sherlock Holmes
Rupert Pupkin, the anti-hero in the 1983 film The King of Comedy
Rupert Campion, the son of Albert Campion in Margery Allingham's series

Ruperth, Ruperto, Ruprecht


paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name. My first pet budgie was called this, after the cartoon character. It's a strong name, more popular here in the UK than in USA, but still not that common.

EW314 Says:


LOVE the name Rupert! I'd use it for a son, with the sweet nickname Ru.

My only hesitation with is that it does give off a very upper-class vibe, which isn't necessarily bad, but I wouldn't want people to jump to conclusions about him. The Rupert Murdoch thing doesn't bother me - there are bad examples of almost every name.

lesliemarion Says:


I don't see Rupert as manly, but it is an OK name anyway. Robert seems much more masculine.

Bobcat108 Says:


This is the surname from my German side of the family...but spelled w/two Ps (Ruppert).

Rupert Barnard Says:


Hi my real and full name is Rupert Barney Barnard and this is my real name but Rupert,I think does sound german.

Essa Says:


I seems to have a secret love for this name. Maybe it should stay on my guilty pleasure list...

headintheclouds Says:


Great name. I think Rupert sounds very British, in a good way. I feel it's ready for revival, like other lovely names such as Arthur, Ernest, Wallace etc. The downside for me is that I can't get over the Rupert Murdoch association- he's the famous person I think of in connection to this name, which rather ruins it for me.

gem3 Says:


Rupert and Myron, Little house on the prairie? No thanks ;)