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Gender: Female Meaning of Phoenix: "dark red" Origin of Phoenix: Greek Phoenix's Popularity in 2017: #363

The name Phoenix is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "dark red". Phoenix is ranked #363 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Beautiful Bohemian Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quintuplets (boys)".

From the experts:

Phoenix is a New Age name symbolizing rebirth and immortality; Scary Spice chose Phoenix for her daughter.

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Famous People Named Phoenix

Phoenix Richmond, British model; daughter of designer John Richmond
Phoenix Chi Gulzar (b. 1999), daughter of singer/TV personality Mel B
Phoenix Ray Stotijn (b. 2005), daughter of singers Anouk and Remon Stotijn
Phoenix Rogers (b. 2007), daughter of rugby league player Mat Rogers and TV presenter Chloe Maxwell
Phoenix Beach (b. 2008), daughter of actor Adam Beach
Phoenix Williamson (b. 2010), daughter of actor Mykelti Williamson
Phoenix Emmanuel McEwen (b. 2013), daughter of actress Tammin Sursok and Sean McEwen
Phoenix Shea (b. 2015), daughter of soccer player Brek Shea
Phoenix Kemsley (b. 2016), daughter of reality TV personalities P.K. and Dorit Kemsley ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
Willow Phoenix Buckley (b. 2014), daughter of actor A..J. Buckley
Summer, Rain and Liberty Phoenix, American actresses

Pop Culture References for the name Phoenix

Phoenix Jackson, main character in Eudora Welty's story "A Worn Path"
Phoenix, daughter of Max and Fang in the "Maximum Ride" series
Phoenix, character in film "Phantom of the Paradise"
Phoenix, from the movie "Griffin and Phoenix"
Phoenix, alternative rock band from Versailles, France
"The Phoenix," song by Fall Out Boy
Phoenix, character from the New World series by Jennifer Wilson
Phoenix, capital city of Arizona and 6th most populated city in the USA
Symbol of the empress, women, and the bride in Chinese culture
“To hope for one’s daughter to become a phoenix” is a saying in Chinese culture that means to hope one’s daughter will be successful
A common girl’s name in China

Phenice, Fenix, Feenix


tfzolghadr Says:


This would be such a cool name for a girl with Chinese ancestry.

tfzolghadr Says:


I don’t think so. I could see it reaching maybe 300 in the distant future.

tfzolghadr Says:


Really? I prefer it as a first.

ladimon Says:


I can't decide whether I love or hate this - either way, it's quite a namesake to live up to.

danirose01 Says:


No matter what gender my child is, Phoenix will be somewhere in their name. I've always wanted to use it as an honor name, since I was adopted as a newborn from the city in Arizona. It's a nice nod to my ancestral roots, and the meaning I think is incredibly fitting for starting our new family.
We've talked about putting it in the middle like a maiden-name or surname-name, but it could be really cute in the first spot with a nn like Nixie or Penny for a girl.

Wittyusername103 Says:


I love this name a lot. I feel like it's spunky and strong but it wouldn't be hard to wear.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I really like the symbolism tied to this name, and think it is very strong because of that. However, I'm not sure if I really like the overall sound of the name, so I would be hesitant to use it myself.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I think the nicknames Nix or Nixie would be really cool, but Fifi doesn't thrill me. Other than that, I absolutely love this name! I have a character named this.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love this name so much! I think it goes better on girls. I hope it doesn't go up when I start having kids.

ladybug99 Says:


Such a cool name! But here's a question- could Phoenix be the new Sophia? Could you see it catching on as much? Would it go down in popularity for boys if this happened?

celly Says:


I definitely prefer this name more for a girl than a boy!

Pheonix and Avaline Says:


Hi I called my daughter Phoenix and Avaline because they are names they'd like!

mabespark Says:


This is one of the only unisex names that I adore equally on both genders. So awesome!

kitchi1 Says:


Yesterday I went to the Dentists, and you have to sign in. Before me were two siblings, Raven & Phoenix. So cool!

Shishi Says:


If I have a daughter this is her name

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


This is my favorite name ever! I love it on a girl, too. If I could change my name, First name will be Theodora, middle name will be Phoenix! I just love it so much! :D ♥

vblanch Says:


Beautiful, strong name for a baby girl. Probably best as a middle name though. I like it much better on a girl than a boy.