Spelling variation of Muhammad

Mohamed Origin and Meaning

The name Mohamed is a boy's name of Arabic origin.
This variation of the popular Arabic name has now been in the Top 500 for several years. It wasn't even in the Top 1000 before the 1980s.
# 476 in the US

Mohamed Rank in US Top 1000


Mohamed Popularity


Famous People Named Mohamed

  • Mohamed Morsi5th President of Egypt
  • (Tarek alTayeb) Mohamed Bouazizi, Tunisian revolutionary and self,immolator
  • Mohamed Abdelazizexiled president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara) since 1982
  • Mohamed Abdullahi MohamedPrime Minister of Somalia
  • Mohamed Nasheed4th President of the Maldives
  • Moustafa Ahmed Mohamed Hassan AmarEgyptian musician and actor
  • Mohamed AmsifMoroccan footballer
  • Mohamed DiaméSenegalese footballer
  • Mohamed Anwar elSadat, Egyptian President from 1970 to 1981
  • Mohamed ElBaradeiDirector General of the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Mohamed Siad BarrePresident of Somalia from 1969 to 1991
  • Mohamed ElnenyEgyptian footballer
  • Mohamed ElsayedEgyptian boxer
  • Mohamed FadlEgyptian footballer
  • Mohamed FarahBritish Somalian runner
  • Mohamed FakhirMoroccan footballer
  • Mohamed alFayed, Egyptian,born, British,based multi,millionaire
  • Mohamed FayezEmirati footballer
  • Mohamed HamriMoroccan painter
  • Mohamed HarbiAlgerian historian
  • Mohamed Fouad Abd El Hamid HassanEgyptian musician
  • Mohamed HenediEgyptian comedy actor
  • Mohamed JamaSomali kickboxer
  • Mohamed Kamal FadelPolisario Front diplomatic
  • Mohamed Osman Jawariacting President of Somalia and incumbent Speaker of the Parliament of Somalia
  • Mohamed MounirEgyptian musician and actor
  • Mohamed NamizSri Lankan cricketer
  • Mohamed NurMayor of Mogadishu
  • Mohamed Salama BadiSahrawi ambassador to East Timor
  • Mohamed SalemAlgerian footballer
  • Mohamed alShehhi, Emirati footballer
  • Mohamed Lamine "Momo" Sissoko (Gillan)Malian footballer
  • Mohamed ElTabii, Egyptian journalist
  • Mohamed El YaagoubiMoroccan footballer
  • Mohamed Yehia ZakariaEmirati of Egyptian origin pioneer of the beverage industry in the Arab world
  • Mohamed ZidanEgyptian footballer
  • Mohamed SalahEgyptian professional footballer