Gender: Female Pronunciation: MAZE-ee Meaning of Maisie: "pearl" Origin of Maisie: Scottish diminutive of Margaret Maisie's Popularity in 2018: #498

Maisie Origin and Meaning

The name Maisie is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "pearl".

Maisie, a hundred-year-old favorite, is in perfect tune with today. Spelled Maisy in a popular children's book series, Maisie is rising in tandem with cousin Daisy. While Maisie might be short for Margaret, Mary, or even a name like Melissa or Marissa, it stands perfectly well on its own.

In literature, Maisie is the name of the precocious young title character in the Henry James novel What Maisie Knew, and is also the main female character in Rudyard Kipling's The Light That Failed. And to bring things up to date, Maisie is a half-blood character in the Harry Potter series as well as the name of hot young Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

Maisie re-entered the US Top 1000 in 2014 at 658, making it one of the fastest rising names of that year. She's still got a ways to go to catch up to to her English counterparts: in the UK, Maisie is among the most popular girls' names.

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Rank in US: #498

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Pop Culture References for the name Maisie

Maisy, Mazey, Maizie, Mazie, Maisey


Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


A bit too cutesy for me.

sweetemeline Says:


I love the name Maisie, but would love it even more if there was a "longer" name (other than Mary or Margaret) that it could be a nickname for. Any suggestions?

Princess Hockey Says:


This name is rapidly rising with the popularity of Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. I'm surprised it isn't higher on the list in the US already (barely top 500 as I post this)

macarnahan Says:


We named our daughter Mae Margaret, but call her Maisie and plan to list her name like this at school, Dr., etc. We liked Maisie but couldn't picture a full grown woman with the name, which is why we went with Mae, which I also love. It fits her perfectly! Also, Margaret is special as it's my name, my grandmothers name, and my mothers middle name!

cmcd Says:


This is my 3 year old rescue dog’s name. I heard it from the actress Maisie Williams. She is sweet and shy ❤️

Sarah Boardman Says:


My daughter is named Maisie, after her great Grandmother & she always wore the name well so I do think it wears well in my opinion.

eve Says:


hipster name. NO

Eu Says:


I think you could use Maisie as a nickname for Margo if you wanted. For me personally, they would be too close for siblings, but most people probably don't know that Maisie comes from Margaret. I think it depends on if it would bother you...

morgandarbyj Says:


I'm set on the name Margo for one of my daughters, but I also love the name Maisie. They are both diminutive of Margaret and both mean "pearl". Do you think it would be too redundant to have two daughters, Margo and Maisie? Would it be better spelled Maizie?

Rainbow glitter Says:


This is so cute! I love it!

Daiseymae Says:


I like them both.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


This is my puppy’s name and we call her Crazy Maisie and Lazy Maisie depending on her mood :)

paulapuddephatt Says:



paulapuddephatt Says:


Cute name

ziggywiggy Says:


I adore this name but anytime I bring it up, my parents start chanting "daisy head, daisy head, daisy head mayzie" (they're big dr. seuss fans)

fromtheocean12 Says:


I think Maisie Claire sounds really nice! What about Maisie Amelia or Maisie Fay?

fromtheocean12 Says:


I'm the exact opposite! I love Maisie, but don't really care for Macy.

tarapv Says:


Almost certain our little girl will be Maisie. I'm starting to love it. And my mothers name is Daisy, so it's a nice tribute without being the same name. But we're still not sure on the middle name. I've just started thinking Maisie Claire, but I'm not sold. I'd love some ideas/suggestions.

cmcd Says:


Actress Maisie Lily Smith listed above is actually Maisie Louise Smith

Tea For All Says:


I have a beautiful new granddaughter named Maisie. She is pure perfection.

Lola Says:


Crazy Maisie? Not the best association, but that can be overlooked. It's a stellar name!

rdaniel Says:


Sounds 'mousey', to me.

ThistleThorn Says:


I like this, but it does sound a little childish, which is why I think it is better as a nn for Margaret. It kind of reminds me of a baby.

Essa Says:


I know a 21 year old call Maisie and she suits it fine. I do think it would be harder for a lot of people though (as I think she's quite cutesy, girly still) and perhaps needs a longer name. I definitely don't think it's the most childish name though.

Maisie Says:


Well I really enjoy it,it is my name but its unique and I love it.
People might mess it up but that's what makes it unique.

oliviakai Says:


The name Maisie reminds me of springtime. Maybe it's because it rhymes with Daisy. The name Macy seems harsher in a way.

MaryKathryn Says:


See that's exactly what I thought might happen

jan11th Says:


I know a girl in the 11th grade named Maisie and it doesn't suit her at all

MaryKathryn Says:


Does this name age well? It sounds so childish to me.

Maisieeex Says:


I love the name maisie (pronounced may-zee) as its my name!! Haha
But I often get called may-see which is annoying
The spelling for may-see is Macy or macey not maisie its spelt with a C but a lot of people don't know that.
I prefer may-zee to may-see not because its my name just because I think it sounds better may-see doesn't sound right in my opinion

kmlewis3 Says:


We spell our daughter's name this way, pronounced May-zee. I have never had anyone read it and pronounce it May-see. I think you are right, if you want it spelled this way but pronounced May-see your daughter would likely spend a lot of time correcting the pronunciation.

kmlewis3 Says:


We selected this name for our daughter, pronounced May-zee, (inspired by the little girl from the movie Uncle Buck) despite my mother's objections that people would constantly pronounce it Macy (like the department store). In six months time we have never had anyone pronounce it incorrectly. The appointment confirmation calls from our pediatrician are automated, and the computer voice even pronounces it correctly. My husband suggested this name as soon as we found out we were having a girl, but I was hesitant until discussing it with my friend who has lived in England for about ten years. She is a teacher there, and once she explained how popular it was in England I felt good about using it for our daughter. Overall her name has been very well received, which could be due in part to our geographic locale - Charleston, SC. We are transplants, and it seems more people are familiar with the name here than in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH. We have had multiple people compliment her name and then tell us it was their great grandmother or great aunt's name. We selected Jane as her middle name.

kmlewis3 Says:


This is our daughter's name, and we live in Charleston, SC. In six months time no one has ever read her name and then pronounced it Macy. Even the automated confirmation calls (read: computer voice) from our pediatrician pronounces it correctly, May-zee.

jojobabyberry Says:


I like Macy (may-see), hate Maisie (may-zee).

mkbarkley Says:


I love the spelling of Maisie but with the pronunciation of May-see. Do you think this will be confusing? Totally different but my name is MaryKate and people are always calling me Mary. I don't want my daughter to have to constantly correct people.

pam Says:


Maisie is definitely properly pronounced may-zee, rhyming with Daisy or lazy. And Macy rhymes with lacy. In England and Scotland this name is very popular so I doubt there's any confusion, whereas in the US it is still not in the Top 1000 so some people may not be familiar with it or the right pronunciation, but I do think people will catch on easily enough. It's not like a name like Saoirse that just baffles English speakers and spellers.

Guest Says:


I keep saying Macy oops. I think if one spells it Maisy there's less confusion.

fuzzycub Says:


Yes, me too.

CocoWhite Says:


One of my best friends in grade school was named Maisie, and she pronounced it like May-see. However, lots of kids mistakenly called her by May-zee, so I figure that must be the standard pronunciation for the name.

SunKissedChild Says:


I know a few kids with the name Maisie, all pronounced May-zee. I've never heard it pronounced any differently. I'm in Australia if that helps you :)

ChelsLynn86 Says:


I agree completely.

ChelsLynn86 Says:


We're thinking of using that "Maisie" spelling but want it pronounced "May-zee." In your experience, is that how people tend to pronounce it? I've never actually known someone (personally) with that name, so I have no idea.

Tina_and_Bert Says:


To me, Maisie/Maisy and Macy are two different names, pronounced May-zee and May-see, respectively.

CocoWhite Says:


Love this name, but I don't particularly like the "Maisie" spelling of it. People always tend to mispronounce it for some reason when it's spelled like that.