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Gender: F Meaning of Lane: "a small roadway or path" Origin of Lane: English

Lane is a unisex name equally accessible to boys and girls. As a common surname, Lane is attached to such celebrities as Diane and Nathan.

Famous People Named Lane

Lane Brody (born Lynn Voorlas), American country music singer
The Lane Sisters, American singers and actress
Diane Lane, American actress
Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, British businesswoman
Ava Lane Busby, the first born of the Busby quintuplets

Pop Culture References for the name Lane

Lane Kim, Rory's best friend on TV's "Gilmore Girls."
Lane Daniels, character in movie "Beauty and the Briefcase"
Lane Bryant, plus-size clothing chain
Lois Lane, character in the Superman series
Lane Hope Chests

Laney, Layne, Lainey, Laine, Laina, Lanie