English from French occupational name
"candle maker"

Chandler Origin and Meaning

The name Chandler is a girl's name meaning "candle maker".

In the US, well over 200 girls were named Chandler in 2016, its first year on the girls' list since 2002. To us it is still inextricably tied to the Friends character, making it more masculine than it otherwise might be. But it's one of the trendy boy names for girls that's climbing the ladder.

# 897 in the US

Chandler Rank in US Top 1000

Chandler Popularity

Famous People Named Chandler

  • Chandler James (b. 1995)daughter of reality TV personality Jesse James; former stepdaughter of actress Sandra Bullock
  • Chandler Belfortdaughter of Jordan Belfort of "Wolf of Wall Street" fame
  • Chandler Stafford (b. 2017)daughter of American football quarterback Matthew Stafford

Chandler in Pop Culture

  • Chandler Wingocharacter in book/film "The Prince of Tides"
  • Chandler BuffayPhoebe's surrogate daughter on "Friends."