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Gender: F Meaning of Laila: "night; holy" Origin of Laila: Spelling variation of Layla (Arabic); Sami variation of Helga (Finland) Laila's Popularity in 2016: #164

Exotic and lovely, Laila is one of the lilting variations of Leila and Layla. It's the name of the former-boxer daughter of Muhammad Ali and of actor Shawn Wayans. In Finland, the Sami people use this in place of the Scandinavian name Helga.

Famous People Named Laila

Laila Amaria Ali, American boxer; daughter of boxer Muhammad Ali
Laila Morse (born Maureen "Mo" Oldman), English actress
Laila Mehdin, Indian actress
Laila Abdesselam Rouass, British actress
Laura Annikki "Laila" Kinnunen, Finnish pop singer
Laila Natali Bagge Wahlgren, Swedish manager and songwriter
Laila Ellen Kaarina Hirvisaari, Finnish novelist
Laila Lalami, Moroccan-American novelist
Laila Stien, Norwegian novelist
Laila Ali Abdulla, 4th First Lady of the Maldives as wife of president Mohamed Nasheed; mother of Meera Laila and Zaaya Laila Nasheed
Laila Wayans, daughter of actor Shawn Wayans
Laila Rose Lynche (b. 2012), daughter of singer Michael Lynche
Laila Aubrielle (b. 2013), daughter of Jazmin Young of TV's "16 and Pregnant"
Laila Bullock (adopted 2015), daughter of actress Sandra Bullock

Pop Culture References for the name Laila

Laila Markus, daughter of Grace and Leo on TV's "Will and Grace"
Laila, spelling more often used in Finland, where it is pronounced like Lila/Lyla
Laila, character in "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini

Leyla, Laily, Laela, Lailah, Lallie, Laleh, Layla, Laylah