Gender: Female Pronunciation: ka-LEE-see Origin of Khaleesi: Modern invented name Khaleesi's Popularity in 2019: #582

Khaleesi Origin and Meaning

The name Khaleesi is a girl's name .

Khaleesi is an invented name introduced to the world by inventive and prolific author George R. R. Martin for his wildly popular Game of Thrones series—it's Dothraki for "queen" and is one of the titles of the character Daenerys. It entered the US Top 1000 in 2014.

Martin's series is having a powerful influence on the baby name culture, with sister name Arya the fastest rising girls’ name in the US in 2012.

We can't help feel, however, that this name is going to date about as fast as a pointy-toed boots or feathered hair. Advice: look for another name.

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Isabella_188 Says:


Katie is really pretty compared to Khaleesi.

Isabella_188 Says:


Are you hating my name because it's popular and "boring"? I'd rather have a popular name than have a name that sounds like the name of some kind of virus!

Isabella_188 Says:


The "common and boring" names are common because they are beautiful. There are some uncommon names that are beautiful, too.

Isabella_188 Says:


How is this name in the top 1000?

xaxim Says:


Still sure?

Tora Says:


Lame comment.

April Ludgate Says:


You have to realize that this affects the child who has the name. How would you feel if your parents named you Swaggablebanana6969?

julia5500 Says:


Honestly, this name is just tacky. While I personally also wouldn't name my kid Daenerys, Daenerys is so much more wearable than Khaleesi. Do your child a favor and if you are looking at naming them Khaleesi, opt for Daenerys (bonus: the nickname Dany is super cute, and if the kid is getting bullied for their name, at least there is that to fall back on).

I'm a Banana Says:


I like the sound but no.

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


You know there is a happy middle right? Just because people dont like Khaleesi doesnt mean they're gonna name their kid the number 1 most popular girl name either. There are plenty of names out there like Octavia or Ingrid for example that arent overused and have a bit more substantial weight to them.

Kehinde Says:


If your dog was born pre 1996 and is still alive (even two years ago) I think you need to be contacting the Guinness Book of World Records.

KaiLun Says:


There are many names that various authors use that ended up being subject to torture and abuse. I'd also be more concern of the character's personalities than what was done to them and had no control over.

Anyway, I would still name a kid Theon in honor of Theon, the Greek scholar and mathematician of Alexandria, who taught Hypatia everything he knew. It would probably be more of a middle name though and probably won't have a kid for another decade when GoT hype has hopefully passed. Renesmee, on the other hand, was completely made up for Twilight as far as I'm aware so Twilight is Renesmee's only association

Mhill46 Says:


I really do not think it's that bad. If I were going over resumes i'd much rather see a "Khaleesi" than a "Jaxson" or a "Kennadi"

NerdyNameGeek Says:


Both of those names really aren't bad at all...

NerdyNameGeek Says:


If you want to honor Game of Thrones, I'd say go with Arya. This...this isn't even really a name, it's a title, and the spelling will definitely get butchered by non-GOT fans.

Ziraleet Says:


Adore GoT but why, just why??? It's going to become dated so fast and actually *sounds*. If you really wanted to use a GoT name, please use a name like Arya, or Bran(don), or Robb, or even Sansa! Something that could pass as AN ACTUAL NAME in modern society. No offense to anyone has used this, but jeez Louise...

gummybear0724 Says:


That's a beautiful name. Khaleesi isn't my cup of tea, clearly not yours, but I'm sure it will fit her beautifully!

Bonnie Almberg Says:


Unfortunately my daughter just announced they were going to name their daughter Khaleesi Rhea. My first response was asking how to pronounce it and my second question was why were they giving her a middle name after a bird. She was not amused and informed me that is a Greek goddess. Ok I'm only the grandmother, so I have no say, but I will be calling her Khalie or Khalee.

heathergrey Says:


Wow, what a concise way for your kid to tell people 'my parents are idiots'.

Carol Says:


when reviewing resumes i always sorta want to meet the people with weird names more than those with typical names, but that of course is not what resumes are for.

headintheclouds Says:


If you absolutely totally have to, at least just go with Daenerys. Or with other characters' names that are a lot more usable like Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Catelyn.

Floris Says:


Sure... but in a show like game of thrones? Just imagine you had called your baby boy Theon. Or Lyanna (well, Lyanna is better, I guess.)

Floris Says:


Not so sure... Just imagine naming your baby boy Theon and then being like... Uh, we did this before we knew what would happen to him/what he'll do.
Renesmee is bad, yes. But at least it doesn't involve rape, torture etc....

GSDlover Says:


Have to say terrible name for your child.....but for a pet is an awesome name, I named my GSD Khaleesi

Yessica Says:


I like it.

Lumille Says:


This could be argued to be a feminization of the male Arabic name Khalees. If people wanted it to feel more like a legitimate name...

Rachelle Gebhardt Says:


It's pronounced KHAH LAY SEE

Catherine Rose Says:


All I can think of when I hear this name is KhaSLEEZY.

Catherine Rose Says:


I highly doubt it.

Shaebaby Says:


I don't know.. I'd rather see this name on kids than Gunner, Rebel, Princess, etc. It has a nice sound

autumnreverie Says:


Superman and GoT. Yikes.

Audra Lynn Says:


I love the name and named my daughter khaleesi!

Audra Lynn Says:


An odd name sticks out and people remember you because of it. Trust me. How many Audra's do you know? I was a top model and everyone remembered me because my name was different.

Audra Lynn Says:


It's a wonderful name. Don't let people try to bully you into a different name if that's what you like. with more and more kids being named things like apple, audioscience, press, etc... She will be fine. If she is teased a bit it will make her a strong person. I was teased a lot in school and it made me who I am today. I'm extremely successful and got the drive to make something of myself and now I can have the last laugh. I retired at age 30 and get to travel the world. Kids these days are being coddled way too much!

Audra Lynn Says:


I named my girl Khaleesi as well!

Audra Lynn Says:


Exactly. My name is Audra and wasn't a fan of it as a kid but sure do love it now. Thank goodness my mom didn't name me something plain and boring. I was named after a tv show (Big Valley) and I named my daughter Khaleesi after the Tv show as well.

Audra Lynn Says:



sirens_sam Says:


Im my opinion, a odd name doesnt make a qualified person loose that job or lose the possibility of having that job. If anything they dont have to figure out what sarah out of the three they were going to hire the name stands out. Ive seen plenty of people with odd names that have a job and dont hate there name. The fact that im sure you made the mother who named her daughter Khalessi feel terrible makes me lose all respect for you. That is a child that has already been named and then you found it necessary to correct her grammer on top of it. You knew what she was saying and she didnt need your spelling corrections.

Michaela Says:


Horrible, horrible, horrible, ugly name. Inside and out.

grace147 Says:


I kinda like it...

John Smith Says:


I know this is super old post, just saw it though. I have a pit bull named Khaleesi, and she's older than the Game of Thrones. If people know their history they'd know that Khaleesi is an ancient word derived from Latin and Greek, and it's definition translates as 'protector of man!' I found it in an old architecture book from college.

Zelliew Says:


So Khaleesi sounds like a deadly virus that kills cats & rabbits & it's a bit of a made up title. I' m not finding this name exactly attractive.

esita Says:


If it weren't a virus, it'd still look like a Kardashian trash name.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


It's a title, not a name. Not to mention, it reminds me of Kalise - an ice-cream brand.

clairels Says:


I'm not obsessive; I'm really not. I was genuinely confused.

ispyabrownbair Says:


As an HR Manager I am constantly hiring people and reviewing resumes and I can honestly say that a persons name has never been a deciding factor for me. It's not as if they chose their name (in most cases). I will be honest about the fact that we occasionally laugh at the name choices from time to time but it has never stopped me from hiring a qualified person. Besides, I have never seen Game of Thrones nor have I been inclined to see it so I would have never gotten the reference.

ispyabrownbair Says:


haha! That cracked me up!

steampunkleo Says:


Was more to highlight my confusion... sometimes I forget that some people are overly obsessive about grammar use on the internet.

clairels Says:


Are you asking or telling?

steampunkleo Says:


But she's not saying it's the equivalent of queen? She's literally saying it's a title just like Queen is a title.

MissKaris Says:


This is awful.

TommyDilfinger Says:


No, she got the name being married to a Khal. As Khaleesi means "wife of Khal". I understand how she was lead to that point, but anyone married to Khal Drogo would have been called Khaleesi. She just smartened up and took control of her situation.

TommyDilfinger Says:


I said that too. If you had 2 dogs, one named Khal and the other Khaleesi, then it would make sense.

TommyDilfinger Says:


All words are made up and constantly evolve.

TommyDilfinger Says:


I know this is an old post. Khaleesi is not the same as Queen, but being an avid fan, you'd know this. It means "wife of khal". Each Khal makes each Khaleesi who she is. They can have power, they can be submissive. I can see the similarities of a queen, but it's not equivalent.

TommyDilfinger Says:


Some of these people are idiots and this site is an even bigger one. Khaleesi means "wife of the Khal", not Queen. I get people like the title, it sounds pretty, but goodness people, do some better research.

NadiaTeresa Says:


But Khalisah IS a real name, Arabic. It was well on my list until I read that Game of Thrones had (kind of) nicked it and trashed it! 😢

thesnowwhiterose Says:


THIS is the number two name on nameberry? what? It's a horrible "name". It reminds me of that crappy book series/tv show, in which it is a TITLE, NOT a name. Hopefully it is only so popular on this site because of people looking it up to see if it's there, or seeing it in the search bar and clicking on it.

clairels Says:


I don't mean to belabor the point, but in modern Hebrew, Sarah IS an actual title, meaning "female minister." And yet in English, it's just a name, as is Khaleesi.

mrsmolaski Says:


I am not sure how I feel about "Sarah" being boring .... I am a Sarah and I LOVE my name. Actually wish I can name my daughter Sarah. I 100% agree with you madmaddie ! :)

mrsmolaski Says:


haha! I was thinking a girl puppy if I got a new one. LOL

rbj84 Says:


Meaning princess and being the actual word is different, but if you like Khaleesi, use it! I'm not stopping you!

clairels Says:


No, I wouldn't name my child Princess. I WOULD name my child Sarah, which means princess, as millions of people have. I don't see how Khaleesi is any different.

rbj84 Says:


"Khaleesi is an invented name" No, it's not a name... it's a title. Her name is Daenerys.

rbj84 Says:


There is a difference between a name that means princess and the actual word Princess. Would you call your child Princess? It's the same level of Khaleesi. Her name is Daenerys, her title is Khaleesi.

chaunceyedeschon Says:


I believe this is a beautiful name. At least it's not a name like Jocelyn or pretty much anything that end in "lyn." But everyone has their own opinion on EVERYTHING and everyone has their own taste.

Julie Says:


That maybe the case but your name influences how you are treated in the world and whether or not you will get a job so that is why I pointed that out.

clairels Says:


You know what people also do? Call their daughters Sarah (Hebrew for Princess) and Regina (Latin for Queen).

clairels Says:


Or maybe she'll give you a big hug and thank you for being brave enough for giving her such a unique and beautiful name all those years ago. It's useless to speculate because you. don't. know.

Julie Says:


If you named your daughter this name I would bet in twenty years she will be going to court to legally change her name.

rbj84 Says:


It's not even her name. It's like calling your daughter Queen (which people do... I guess...)

EpicCadet182 Says:


This name is growing on me, though I'll probably never use it

madmaddie Says:


I don't know how I can restate this, lady. First, I provided a measured comment about how this WILL lead to a person being judged. I didn't say I liked how this happens, or that I disliked the name, you know. Reread my comments to SonyianCody Smith and kahlel and ask yourself who is the calmer one here. Please cut it out with the many exclamation points if you are attempting to argue with me. And don't curse just because you disagree with what I said; this is a baby-naming site.

Lastly, if the names Sarah and James "enrage" you so, you're going to go through life a very angry little human...there’s a reason they’re overused: they’re stalwart classics with deep roots and inspirations. My comment is, Khaleesi is not. Maybe a thousand years from now when there’s been many famous Khaleesi's to look up to, but now, not so much. Then again, if you want to be one of those people to name those future Khaleesi's, go on ahead, because you are free to name your children whatever you like. I personally won't, because I’ll be thinking about when they see that resume.

That’s all. Have a good day.

Kim Wall Says:


Please think of the child and not yourself. I'm sure she would be more happy with a name like Katie, as opposed to this silly attention-seeking name.

Essa Says:


Sarah and James are boring and common but it's true, they are more likely to get a job because people are people and people make snap judgements. It happens to be the case at the minute that loads of people are applying for the same job, employers have to whittle down the list from just looking at their CV/resume, sadly this means that they probably will make a judgement based on their name, probably without even realising it. At the end of the day we should consider these things when naming our children. There are plenty of names out there that people are less likely to judge like this than Khaleesi but are a lot less boring than Sarah and James. If people want to name their child one of these names then that's their choice but they should consider all the factors involved in their child growing up with that name.



lol reading most of these comments have actually left me soooo cross!!!!! how can ppl b so rude & negative!!! its a name that's chosen by parents for their daughter for their own reasons & liking!! (which ill b naming my daughter as I love it) have a bit of respect, Who wants a common & boring name???

clairels Says:


Just because people are searching for it on Nameberry doesn't mean they're actually using it. It's still relatively rare.

Essa Says:


Am I the only person who's confused how this is number 2 girls name on Nameberry this month? I've never even heard of a little Khalessi. Who are these people naming their daughter Khaleesi? And what's wrong with them!?

JazzieJonez Says:


I know Khaleesi is a horrible name and all but... Khaleesi isn't the actual name of the virus. Just sounds like it. Totally different at the end. This isn't an attack but yeah...

madmaddie Says:


I'm not saying you can't name your daughter whatever you wish, am I? In fact, I even defended it in my comment...yes, I have a very overused name, I’ll admit that, but still, you misunderstood me. Just elaborating on what someone else said. Maybe you should go back and read my post.

kahlel Says:


Well parents can name their children what ever they want... Khaleesi is very unique and I am considering it for my daughter as it is close to my own name Kahlel which has never cost me a job... lol... I would expect comments like those from people with mediocre an main stream names like Katie, Sophia or any of the other over used names....

jordalini Says:


A tiny part of me wants to use this.. but the rest of me knows how totally ridiculous that is. I love how fun it is, and I LOVE Game of Thrones, the books, the show is not as impressive in my opinion.

madmaddie Says:


Well, it’s a corrupt thing, but the first thing they see is the résumé. And because of this, and because first impressions are formulated within the first ten seconds, they’ll harbor judgement and be less likely to hire the poor kid. People would more easily hire a Sarah (which, coincidentally, also means princess...) than a Khaleesi, or an average James as opposed to a very stand-out Actaeon. Sad, but it really is true.

Also, not to be a grammar Nazi (or rude), which of course it’s going to be, but you spelled “deny” wrong. And you have one daughter Khaleesi, so “princesses” is unnecessary. Just princess.


That said, the name is very pretty, although I’d never name my child it for the above reasons and its NMS. But all of this about it being made-up...well, all names were made up once. Maybe thousands of years ago, but someone still made them up. How is this any different?

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


It's also what wiped out a lot of wild rabbits in Australia, wouldn't wanna name a kid after a deadly virus :P

LanaLee Bellamy Says:


Who are you to tell people what to do with their child? I would really like to know what mainstream name you will give to your child

SonyianCody Smith Says:


Because she is beautiful inside and out. I love who she is. She got that name threw being sold by her own brother to these people and has done a Dang good job of becoming strong and overcoming what had been done to her and taking control!

SonyianCody Smith Says:


How would that denie them a job. And I named my baby khaleesi because she is my princesses

SonyianCody Smith Says:



amberdaydream Says:


Now I've seen everything. But I'm surprised this is more popular than Daenerys. Still, I don't feel like a title in a fictional world functions as a good name for a kid.

Minzie Says:


At least spell Daenerys correctly then :)

Persea Says:


I have to admit I really like Khaleesi as the name. When you repeat it few times in your head it really gets to you. :) And I'm not saying that just because I love ASoIaF. When you think about it - all of the names come from human imagination, from the books, movies, stories...

jan11th Says:


This name is stupid and im tired of seeing it to be honest

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I hate the fact that everytime I go on nameberry this is on the 'today's most popular names'. It's getting old.

Lily Jones Says:


Only if you name her brother Dovahkiin. :P

clairels Says:


There's a very popular name, Sarah. Guess what it means? Yep, "princess."

ShunPun Says:


Yeah, but the poor girls named Khaleesi and Daenerys are going to get made fun of at school and will be denied jobs because of their name. I'd rather be an Olivia or Sophia.

Guest Says:


No need to worry! It's just the #1 SEARCHED name on NB, largely due to Game of Thrones influence and everyone's natural curiousity about this unique name. Doesn't necessarily mean its well-liked and used as we can infer from the mostly negative "don't use this name on your kid" comments :)

Alicia1 Says:


I am in shock that this is the #1 name on this site. I am sure there are worse names, this one is just so weird. Poor kids!

hellogoodbye111 Says:


Name your pet this not your child

hellogoodbye111 Says:



Eva Thyssen Says:


Not nice, but still better than Nevaeh.

Jessica Carmona Says:


what better way to remember such a graphic and emotionally traumatizing show than to name your child...Oh I can't stop laughing

Jessica Carmona Says:


You can name your kid Queenie and there's nothing wrong with it, but just thinking of Khaleesi is over doing it

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


sub to ellen degenerus thats me

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


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theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


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theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


this name suks u all suk 4 liking this name u suck i am ellen degenerus

geeknamezyo Says:


Yep. What you said.

tiannarose Says:


I get what you mean. My name is pretty mainstream so I guess it's hard to imagine having a more unique name and what hinderences might arise.

baileyann1105 Says:


It's a title. It's like naming your kid Queen or Princess.

TheClockworkPrincess Says:


I personally would not use this name on a child, but it is still a real name. I dont like it when people say its 'not a real name', anything could be a 'real name'. You know what I mean? Sorry if I sounded rude. Have a nice day! :D
P.S. I know, Renesmee is a terrible name!

brianakmartinez Says:


This name seems too complicated. I didn't know how to pronounce it. Plus, I don't think the child given this name would be appreciative towards their parents...

liz Says:


That's exactly what I was thinking! I would totally name my kid Daenarys... No way would I choose Khaleesi over Daenarys..

liz Says:


I think it's so pretty! I love GoT both the books and the show! But if I were to name my kid anything from GoT, it'd be Daenarys. I think that's the prettiest.

LatterDayMommy Says:


This just seems way too close to naming a baby "sleazy", every time I read it I hear "ka-sleazy"

unicornluvgirl Says:


That made me laugh :)

unicornluvgirl Says:


Don't feel bad-- My name is Olivia and I love it . I don't find it boring at all, and am thankful that it's Olivia and not Khaleesi.

MaryKathryn Says:


Please don't name your child this.

Vanessa Gusman Says:


I love Game of Thrones as much as the next girl but……. idk. I might name my goldfish Khaleesi, but not my daughter.

KimiGrace Says:


I wish people would get over themselves. Don't like it? Don't use it. That simple. But don't rip apart the parents who did choose it or are considering it. Is the four hundredth little Olivia or Sophia really that much better off than Daenerys or Khaleesi? Personally, I feel bad for THOSE kids - their parents having "inflicted" such an overused and boring name on them.

tnhubbard93 Says:


Pretty sure this just meant Queen in the books... this isn't even her name, her name was Daenerys (which I love). I couldn't do this to my baby personally lol.

rachelf Says:


Khaleesi is a virus in cats (calici virus) that causes horrible upper respiratory infections!

june7rose Says:


Please don't name your children some ridiculous pop culture nonsense. This is not a name, it's a title for a character in a book, just leave it alone. Your kid will hate you if you brand them with this.

Angelicaecb Says:


I don't think there's much wrong with it. Yes, it's not a name but a title, but it's fictional and a cleverer way of naming your kid Queen or something similar without actually going there. It's a name if you want it to be though, just as our 'real' noun names are considered names. If you give it to your kid as a name, you've made it a name. And it's feminine, sounds close to being a 'real' name. There's a lot worse names and trends to pick apart then Khaleesi. Also, even if the majority of people choose to pronounce it kuh-lee-see rather than kha-lay-see like the linguist says, that isn't a big deal. People make names their own all the time, choosing which way to pronounce them. I've heard many ways people pronounce Sasha, so I won't be surprised to hear different takes on a more complex name. With all that said, it's not a name I would ever choose, but I wouldn't criticize someone who did.

Guest Says:


nothing is worse than Renesmee. At least Game of Thrones is amazing, Twilight is complete trash.

michele51983 Says:


Unfortunately a child's name carries a huge amount of weight in how certain things play out in their lives. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with how right or fair it is but it's definitely a concern for parents. The first thing an employer hears is a persons name. There's a whole huge study done on this and a little tidbit is in a movie called Freakonomics. You should totally check it out! It's quite fascinating. I'm not trying to start anything, just kind of playing devils advocate :) Just something to think about. I love nameberry too!

Sunflowerist Says:


this name is painfully tacky :/ looks (and sounds) like a failed attempt at being exotic

Georgina Says:


It is in the series.

Rush1986 Says:


This is not a real name. It's as bad as people using Renesmee and will embarrass a child.

stephykneejo Says:


Apparently it gets a lot of clicks because it comes up high in Google searches. Just searched it and it is the 3rd link to click. People who are not nameberry regulars are just coming here to look at it.

Guest Says:


I don't see what's so bad about this name to be honest. It's better than Daenerys (which looks like a bunch of typos). People name their kids that tacky Kaylee mess so how is this different?

tiannarose Says:


It's unique and pretty easy to pronounce. Definitely feminine. There is not much to dislike about this name. I don't understand all the negative comments. I'd love to break from the ideal that only names with origins in Latin are worthy of appreciation. It's sad that many posters feel that some judgement or glass ceiling will hamper the future of a child with a more creative name. I think most of can agree that neither our greatest successes nor our greatest failure in life have hinged upon our name. Of all the pitfalls in life, my name is really not one of them. Life is too short and precious to name your child with the thought of how their resume will be received. A name should be given to help shape a childs spirit, not their earning potential. --end rant-- Love me some nameberry

SparkleNinja18 Says:


It's funny to me that this is the number one girl name for this site, yet all these comments are really bashing the name.

niteowl13 Says:


They need to start using her actual name more in the series. How can over 100 children be given this name and only 20 some children get her real name?

hbeagle27 Says:


To the people that actually named their kid this, according David Peterson (the linguist that created High Valyrian) it's pronounced kha-lay-see. I'm guessing you don't know that, and you're pronouncing it wrong. Also, it's a title, not a name.

ambg Says:


I love A Song of Ice and Fire as much as the next girl, but this is not even Daenerys' name. It's a title, so on top of naming your kid something completely made up, it's also the equivalent of naming them "Queen", "Duchess", "Countess", "Empress", etc.

EdithGrace Says:


As a Game of Thrones fan, do these people know what the Dothraki do, and who they are? If so... then that's strange. There are plenty of female names in Game of Thrones that represent these powerful, beautiful and independent women! How about one of those names instead?

Oleander Says:


Horrid name.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I have never ever watched Game of Thrones, so don't know how I feel about this.

lesliemarion Says:


It sounds like a delicious Nepalese mango drink, not the name of a human being.

SparkleNinja18 Says:



reyreydelaparra Says:


How do you pronounce it?

AbbyMac Says:


People are inflicting this on their kids? Really.....

Giinkies Says:


I think part of the reason parents are trying this at home is its similarity to existing names like Khalil, Khalila and all their spelling variants. Having known both a Khalil and a Khalila (well a spelling variant of this name) growing up, Khaleesi doesn't feel too far off. Don't get me wrong, I would never actually use Khaleesi, but Kelilah is on my list and the name similarities (including pronunciation) are there.

geeknamezyo Says:


My problem with this one is that it's not even a name in the series! Gives it an extra level of removal from reality/wearability.