Spelling variation of Nevaeh

Neveah Origin and Meaning

The name Neveah is a girl's name .

In the beginning there was Nevaeh, created as a name by spelling the word heaven backwards, and Nevaeh rose to fame in the 2000's, becoming a mainstream choice by 2004.

Still in the US Top 100 now, Nevaeh, like many popular names, has generated a number of spelling variants, including Neveah.

It could be said that this alternative sort of misses the point, as in, it's no longer heaven spelled backwards. But you could also argue that it is still an anagram of heaven, so maybe it works?

More than 200 babies are called Neveah each year, so you wouldn't be alone in thinking so.

# 893 in the US

Neveah Rank in US Top 1000

# 656 on Nameberry

Neveah Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

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