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Gender: Female Meaning of Kennedy: "misshapen head" Origin of Kennedy: Irish Kennedy's Popularity in 2017: #58

The name Kennedy is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "misshapen head". Kennedy is ranked #58 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Generation CAF #69 (w/ occupations)".

From the experts:

This attractive surname name still projects that Kennedy family charisma. While it didn't come into widespread use until long after the deaths of martyred heroes President John F. or Senator Robert Kennedy, Kennedy is now one of the most popular unisex names for girls as well as the top girls' name starting with K. This is one name that manages to sound trendy and classic at the same time.

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Famous People Named Kennedy

Kennedy Fraser, American fashion journalist
Kennedy Trawick, American actress & model
Kennedy Cutler, American child model
Kennedy, stage name of Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, American political satirist, radio personality, and television host
Sophie Kennedy Clark, Scottish actress
Kennedy LeVon Kirkland (b. 1994), daughter of NFL player Levon Kirkland
Kennedy Franklin (b. 1997), daughter of singer Kirk Franklin
Kennedy Owen (b. 2003), daughter of comedian Gary Owen
Kennedy Madison (b. 2005), daughter of NFL player Sam Madison
Kennedy Caroline Armstrong (b. 2006), daughter of TV personalities Russell and Taylor Armstrong
Kennedy Faye Moore (b. 2011), daughter of singer Justin Moore
Kennedy Lynn Storms (b. 2011), daughter of model/actress Tiffany Lynn Rowe
Kennedy Cruz (b. 2012), daughter of NFL player Victor Cruz
Kennedy Taylor Covington (b. 2014), daughter of singer Bucky Covington

Pop Culture References for the name Kennedy

Kennedy, Potential Slayer in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
Kennedy, My Scene doll.


Kittylove Says:


am I the only one here who seems to actually like this name? not like the president, either.

bethlena Says:


Currently the fourth name on my baby names list for a daughter. The meaning of the name does not bother me. My name, Bethany, means "house of figs" and I never relate to the meaning of my name. Kennedy is a beautiful name. The young child actress Kennedi Clements brought this name to my favourites.

anniebrown01 Says:


Kennedy is really cute for a girl of any age, but you'd have to be able to overlook the meaning.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I said it sounded masculine, but there are obviously a lot of girl Kennedy's out there and it's not my problem. If you like your name, then good for you.:) I did not say all Kennedy's were boys, it was just that I'd prefer it on a boy,

Aqua_Koala Says:


I'm named Kennedy, one of my good friends is named Kennedy, there are three other Kennedys in our school, and last I checked, we're all girls.

Aqua_Koala Says:


Thank you good person

Aqua_Koala Says:


Well I'm insulted

Aqua_Koala Says:


My head is shaped fine, thank you very much

Yessica Says:


I like this name.. nice.

Kate Says:


Just because you automatically think of JFK as the inspiration of the name Kennedy doesn't mean thats another's. Kennedy is an Irish name, with a deeper meaning than the typical definition of "misshapen head".

Mommymackenzie Says:


If it weren't for the meaning I would totally use this.

indiefendi2 Says:


This is a very very common girl's name unlike Lincoln.

ThistleThorn Says:


This would be like naming your daughter Lincoln. Oh wait, Kristen Bell already did that.

indiefendi2 Says:


why change the ending?

skiggins Says:


I will name my daughter Kennedie Mae

Kennedy Lyman Says:


Wow people!! My name is Kennedy. I know many other girls with my name. It's beautiful, just like the girl that is given the name.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


It sounds really weird especially on a girl.

Guest Says:


In 40 years will it be popular for girls to be called Obama? Presidential names are just so weird on kids to me. I hate the name Reagan especially.

Guest Says:


If this wasn't so goddarn popular it would be at the top of my list. And I define popular as both on the Social Security list and by the area I live in/will move to in the future.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Am I the only person who doesn't like this name? I just don't get it... Kennedy is all surname to me. Sounds like a boys' name at the most.