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Gender: M Meaning of Keaton: "shed town" Origin of Keaton: English Keaton's Popularity in 2016: #536

Keaton is an engaging surname with warmth, energy and a sense of humor, identified with silent comedian Buster Keaton and contemporary actors Michael and Diane Keaton. Although rare as a first name, a young Keaton would fit right in with classmates Keenan and Kellen.

Famous People Named Keaton

Keaton Stromberg, American singer of the group Emblem3
Keaton Henson, English singer-songwriter
Keaton Nigel Cooke, American actor
Keaton Ellerby, Canadian ice hockey player
Shunji "Keaton" Yamada, Japanese voice actor
Keaton Simons, American singer-songwriter
Keaton Savage, American actor; son of actor Brad Savage
Keaton Wilder Marcus (b. 2005), son of actors Kipp Marcus and Alice Dylan
Keaton Roderick Cadrez (b. 2010), son of model Brande Roderick and Glenn Cadrez
Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton, American film actor/director

Pop Culture References for the name Keaton

Keaton, family name on TV's "Family Ties"
Keatons, a race of fox-like creatures in The Legend of Zelda video games

Keatan, Keaten, Keatin, Keatton, Keatyn, Keeton, Keetun