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Gender: Male Meaning of Harold: "army ruler" Origin of Harold: Scandinavian Harold's Popularity in 2017: #799

The name Harold is a boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "army ruler". Harold is ranked #799 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Old Man Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Change two letters (5 names)".

From the experts:

The name of the last Anglo-Saxon king of England before the Norman conquest, and a name that's long been associated with a pipe-smoking, bespectacled grandpa or uncle.

After years in style limbo, Harold is slowly making a comeback, possibly boosted by cheerful nicknames like Harry and Hal.

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Famous People Named Harold

Harold I aka Harold Harefoot, King of England
Harold II aka Harold Godwinson, last Anglo-Saxon King of England
(James) Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx, British prime minister
(Maurice) Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, British prime minister
Harold Arlen (born Hyman Arluck), American composer ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow")
Harold Pinter, English playwright
Harold Clayton Lloyd, American actor
Harold Scott MacDonald "Donald" Coxeter, British-Canadian geometer
Harold Perrineau (born Harold Williams), American actor
Harold Edward Holt, Australian Prime Minister
Harold Norse, American poet
Harold Allen Ramis, American actor and director
Harold Bloom, American literary critic
Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis, British field marshal and Governor-General of Canada
Harold Eugene "Hal" Roach, American film producer, director, actor
Harold John "Hal" Smith, American actor and voice actor

Pop Culture References for the name Harold

Harold "Hal" Jordan, Green Lantern from DC Universe
Harold Hill, main character in "The Music Man"
Harold Chasen, main character in movie "Harold & Maude"
Harold "Happy" Hogan, character in Marvel Universe
Harold "Hal" Cooper, character in Archie Comics Universe
"Harold and the Purple Crayon," children's book by Crockett Johnson
Harold Skimpole, character in Dickens's Bleak House
Harold Abbott, character on TV's "Everwood"
Harold Saxon, code name of The Master on TV's "Doctor Who"
Harold Crenshaw, character on TV's "Monk"
Harold Guppy, character in the movie "Intimate Relations"
Harold Clemens, character on TV's "The Client List"
Harold Berman, school bully from animated TV series "Hey Arnold!"
Harold Waldorf, father of Blair Waldorf from CW's "Gossip Girl".
Harold Lee of the "Harold and Kumar" movies
Harold Travilla, Elsie Dinsmore's son in the Elsie Dinsmore series
Harold Wilson, main character in G. A. Henty's "True to the Old Flag"
Harold Bloor, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
Harold Finch, character on TV's "Person of Interest"
Harold Goff, character in film "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
"The Harold Song," song by Ke$ha

Hal, Herrold, Harrold, Herold, Herryck, Harry, Herrick, Harrald

Harold's International Variations

Haral, Harald (Scandinavian) Hieronim, Heronim (Polish) Araldo, Arrigo, Aroldo (Italian) Haraldas (Lithuanian) Harailt, Arailt (Scottish) Halward (German) Herahd, Garold, Kharald, Garald (Russian) Haralds (Latvian) Heraldo, Haraldo (Portuguese) Jindra (Czech) Enric (Romanian) Aralt (Irish)


harold Says:


hate hate hate this so unfair like really guys this sh or something
should be like top tens

harold Says:


this sucks man Why is Harold so unpopular this should be the most popular name of all like honestly I don't recommend this website because its rigged

beachbear Says:


Always the creepy scarecrow from "Scary Stories"...

ladimon Says:


"Harold they're lesbians"

od free Says:


Best name i never wanted

lesliemarion Says:


Harold and his Purple Crayon is a great role model! :) I too think it's going to come back. As Toronto points out, the nicknames are fabulous and many. Halifax could be a version of nickname Hal too.

Toronto87 Says:


I think this name is going to come back in the next 5 years. It's strong sounding with great nickname potential (Hal, Hank, Harry, Harley). I'm considering it for a potential son as it's a family name.

lesliemarion Says:


Ah, but then there's Harold and the Purple Crayon. I agree that Hal is a lovely nickname and Harry and Halifax are fun too.