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Gender: Male Meaning of Hank: "estate ruler" Origin of Hank: Diminutive of Henry, German Hank's Popularity in 2017: #450

The name Hank is a boy's name meaning "estate ruler". Hank is ranked #450 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Cowboy Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Match the Sibsets!".

From the experts:

Hank is a midcentury guy nickname (which actually dates back to the seventeenth century) of the Al/Hal/Dick school, which has been on recess from the playground for decades. Now it's just beginning to be given on its own again, appreciated for its earthy, sportsguy cool. Hanks Aaron and Greenberg (born Henry) and Hank Williams (born Hiram) Sr and Jr. are worthy namesakes.

Kendra Wilkinson named her little boy Hank IV.

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Famous People Named Hank

Hiram King "Hank" Williams, American country music singer
(Randall) Hank Williams Jr., American country music singer; son of Hank Williams
(Shelton) Hank Williams III, American country music singer; grandson of Hank Williams
Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron, American baseball player
Henry Albert "Hank" Azaria, American actor
Henry Randall "Hank" Baskett, American football player
Henry Albert "Hank" Bauer, American baseball player
William Henry "Hank" Green, American YouTuber and educator
Henry Benjamin "Hank" Greenberg, American baseball player
Henry "Hank" Randall Baskett IV (b. 2009), son of model Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett
Hank Roddick (b. 2015), son of tennis player Andy Roddick and actress Brooklyn Decker
Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler (b. 2004), son of actress Sara Gilbert

Pop Culture References for the name Hank

Hank Hill, main character in cartoon "King of the Hill"
Henry "Hank" Palmer, Robert Downey Jr.'s character in The Judge (2014 film)
Hank Griffin, character on TV series "Grimm"
Hank Lawson, saloonkeeper on TV series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"
Hank Schrader, character on TV series "Breaking Bad"
Hank Moody, main character from TV series "Californication"
Henry Allen 'Hank' Venture, main character of "The Venture Bros."
Hank Voight, character on TV's "Chicago PD"
Hank Goddard, character in "The Sims 3" computer game
Hank Asher, character on TV's "The Family"
Dr. Hank Lawson on T.Vs "Royal Pains"
Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym aka Ant-Man, character in the movie "Ant-Man"
Hank Henshaw aka J'onn J'onnz aka Martian Manhunter, character on TV's "Supergirl"
Hank Booth, grandfather of TV character Seeley Booth on Bones
Hank Booth, son of Seeley Booth and Temperence Brennan from the TV series "Bones"
Hank (Henry) Zipzer, protagonist of the children's TV and book series of the same name
Hank, octopus in Pixar's "Finding Dory"
Hank Anderson, character in the game "Detroit: Become Human"


SouthernGirl Says:


Hank Williams Jr!!! I love this name:)

joatonks Says:


Any insights if this name is now becoming more popular? I love it but have the feeling a new wave of "Hanks" may be being born, or paranoid?

paulapuddephatt Says:


Yes, must admit, he's awesome. 😃

paulapuddephatt Says:


I much prefer either Henry or Harry.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love this name so much but I don't think it would appeal to my family tbh

CaribbeanQueen Says:


If someone is foolish enough to insert their unborn child into a disagreement, predicting it to be smarter in the future than their opponent, they should expect a response.

CaribbeanQueen Says:


Well, your actions must be kindergarten, because you brought your own child into your taking of offense, and used him to fail at insulting me. I replied on your topic. He will not be smarter than I. That is my qualified opinion.

cucumbersam Says:


Yes, we are all so impressed! Keep boring us with your accomplishments. Its sad that someone who thinks they are brilliant is wasting their time with jokes about feces that has a name, and also making comments about unborn children being mediocre. Smart? Your actions reflect those of a third grader.

CaribbeanQueen Says:


Well, I got it from other 'berries, in a forum, so take it up with them! If your child ends up remotely as brilliant as I, consider yourself extremely blessed. I am in the 99th percentile, from childhood (top 1% of the population), and am a Mensa candidate. Please, just love your child, who will most likely be quite mediocre.

cucumbersam Says:


Grow up! My unborn child is more clever than you, and he's only in the second trimester!

Glow Says:


Heidi Ho! Yes, someone else mentioned it in a thread here already, so I couldn't resist.

Nooshi Says:


I love Hank, but I couldn't help laughing and spluttering into my tea. Heidi Ho.

Glow Says:


Hankey, the Christmas Poo... :)

caroblaise Says:


I need a puppy sized elephant!!

Guest Says:


Me too! Haha

JamesBluPatterson Says:


French the llama! I've found a nerdfighter!

caroblaise Says:



JamesBluPatterson Says:


Love it because it reminds me of Hank Green

csd267 Says:


My first choice for my son. No one else liked it, though :( I love it!