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Gender: M Pronunciation: ghee-YARE-mo Origin of Guillermo: Spanish variation of William Guillermo's Popularity in 2016: #751

As with Guillaume (see above), Liam, Willem, and Wilhelm, everyday Williams in their own countries, Guillermo is a captivating possibility here. Giermo, Gigermo, Gijermo, Gillermo, Gillirmo, Giyermo, Guermillo, Guiermo Guilermón, Guille, Guillelmo, Guillermino, Guillo, Guirmo, Gullermo, Llermo, Memo, Quillermo.

Famous People Named Guillermo

Guillermo del Toro, Mexican director
Guillermo Ochoa, Mexican goalie nicknamed "Mexican Jesus"
Guillermo Diaz, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Guillermo

Guillermo Garcia Gomez, character on TV's "Weeds"