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Gender: F Origin of Flannery: Irish, from 'flann' and 'gal', meaning ruddy and valor. Meaning of Flanna: Irish, "red-haired"

Long before the vogue of using Irish surnames for girls, writer Flannery O'Connor gave this one some visibility. It has a warm (flannelly) feel and the currently popular three-syllable ee-ending sound. Mary Flannery O'Connor was an important twentieth century regional writer whose work has been characterized as Southern Gothic, often featuring grotesque characters and concerned with questions of morality.

Famous People Named Flannery

Flannery O'Connor, American writer
Flannery Scalpel, the creator of "Hagar the Horrible" and noted yoga enthusiast

Pop Culture References for the name Flannery

Flannery "Flan" Culp, a character in Daniel Handler's "The Basic Eight"
Flannery, character in the book "The Secret Language of Girls"
Flannery, Gym leader of Lavaridge town's hot spring gym in the Hoenn region and specializes in fire Pokemon
Flannery, character in the book "Pages for You"