English, diminutive of names ending in -ette or -etta, or variation of Neta, Hebrew

Nettie Origin and Meaning

The name Nettie is a girl's name of English origin meaning "plant".

You may never have known a Nettie personally, but there well might be one hidden in your family history, considering that she was a Top 100 name until 1901 and stayed on the Social Security list until 1962.

Like cousins Hattie and Lottie, Nettie is a charming and nostalgic knitting and crocheting great-grandma name that just might work as a relaxed choice for a contemporary little girl, perhaps to honor an ancestral Annette or Henrietta.

# 983 in the US

Nettie Rank in US Top 1000

Nettie Popularity

Famous People Named Nettie

  • Nettie Maria StevensAmerican geneticist, first to describe chromosomal basis of sex
  • Nettie Williams McBirney aka "Aunt Chick" American inventor and cooking writer
  • Janet Gertrude "Nettie" PalmerAustralian poet and critic
  • Nancy "Nettie" Fowler McCormickAmerican philanthropist
  • Nettie StanleyAmerican reality TV personality of "Gypsy Sisters"

Nettie in Pop Culture

  • Nettie Ashford"aged half,past six," author of the romance of Mrs Orange and Mrs Alicumpane, in Dickens's short story "A Holiday Romance" (1868)
  • Nettie Stingercharacter from TV series "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
  • Nettiecharacter in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"
  • Nettie Fowlercharacter in the musical "Carousel"
  • NettieEnglish regional slang word for toilet
  • Nettiecharacter in Christina Baker Klein's "The Orphan Train"
  • "Nettie Moore" song by Bob Dylan
  • "Nettie"song by 90s gothic metal band Type O Negative