Short form of Dove or Deborah, nature name or Hebrew

Dovie Origin and Meaning

The name Dovie is a girl's name meaning "bee".

Dovie was a fairly popular nickname name a century or more ago, dropping off the Top 1000 in the 1940s only to be heading straight back uphill now.

While Dovie has a ways to go to enter the Top 1000 again -- about 25 baby girls were given the name last year in the US -- we can see it getting there in the next decade or two.

Dovie is also an antiquated nickname for Deborah that sounds a lot fresher than Debbie and gives the name a second nature meaning.

# 942 in the US

Dovie Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Dovie

  • Dovie Leona BeamsAmerican actress who had an affair with President Ferdinand Marcos of the Phillippines
  • Dovie ThurmanAmerican social activist