Irish, variation of John
"God is gracious"

Eoin Origin and Meaning

The name Eoin is a boy's name of Gaelic origin meaning "God is gracious".
Though Eoin is a Gaelic form of John, its Anglicized pronunciation links it directly to Owen. Eoin is currently a Top 30 name in Ireland. Other variations: Ewan, Ewen, Evan and Eoghan (pronounced as Owen but also translated as Eugene).

Eoin Colfer is the author of the Artemis Fowl books.

Eoin Popularity

20 Names Similar to Eoin

Lists containing Eoin

Famous People Named Eoin

  • Eoin MacNeillIrish scholar and politician
  • Eoin ColferIrish novelist
  • Eoin Christopher MackenIrish model and actor
  • Eoin Joseph Gerard MorganIrish cricketer
  • Eoin O'DuffyIrish revolutionary and politician
  • Eoin JessScottish footballer
  • Eoin KellyIrish hurler
  • Eoin LarkinIrish hurler
  • Eoin ReddanIrish rugby player
  • Eoin MackenIrish actor and author

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