"fair or white"

Fionn Origin and Meaning

The name Fionn is a boy's name of Irish, Irish Gaelic origin meaning "fair or white".

Fionn, the modern Irish form of Finn, is more popular in Ireland these days than Finn, which is rising fast in the U.S. where Fionn is virtually unknown. That's probably a good thing, because few Americans would know that Fionn and Finn have the same root and are pronounced the same, like the fin of a fish. It's the namesake of a great hero from Irish mythology, Fionn MacCumhaill, who acquired divine wisdom by eating an enchanted salmon of knowledge.

Fionn Popularity

Famous People Named Fionn

  • Fionn ReganIrish singer,songwriter
  • Fionn MacColla (born Thomas Douglas MacDonald)Scottish novelist
  • Fionn CarrIrish rugby union player
  • Fionn WhiteheadActor

Fionn in Pop Culture

  • Fionn Mac CumhaillIrish mythological hero