Taran Origin and Meaning

The name Taran is a boy's name meaning "thunder".

Taran mac Ainftech was King of the Picts, a people who lived mainly in Scotland, in the 7th century. His name is a relative of the Celtic god of thunder Taranis, a counterpart to Thor. Taran and its spelling variation Taron are both used occasionally for boys today. Though they may feel like invented cousins of Darren and Aaron, they do have genuine history coupled with a sleek modern feel.

Taran Popularity

Famous People Named Taran

  • Taran mac AinftechKing of the Picts
  • Taran Hourie KillamAmerican comedian
  • Taran Noah SmithAmerican actor
  • Taran KozunCanadian ice hockey player
  • Taran Maasson of novelist Sarah J. Maas

Taran in Pop Culture

  • Taranmain character in the Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander and film The Black Cauldron, based on the books