Gender: Female Meaning of Emerson: "son of Emery" Origin of Emerson: German Emerson's Popularity in 2019: #152

Emerson Origin and Meaning

The name Emerson is a girl's name of German origin meaning "son of Emery".

The combination of Emily and Emma's popularity -- and the fact that Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher's daughter is named Emerson -- have put this formerly strictly boys’ name, embodying the gravitas of Ralph Waldo Emerson, in the limelight for girls.

Shonda Rhimes, creator/producer/writer/director of Grey's Anatomy, has a daughter named Emerson Pearl. Emerson is now one of the most popular unisex names starting with E.

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oliviamcdonald Says:


Exactly and I bet those people would say Allison is a girls name.

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


Emmeline is similar but better on a girl.

Eirini170 Says:


Then Madison shouldn't be used on girls because it means "son of mad", like a girl that is son of a mad parent

acf876 Says:


This seems like a boy name to me.. I prefer Emily, Emma, Emme, Emilia etc.

milnee20 Says:


I think Emerson for a girl is so cute. Especially with the nickname Emme.

autumnreverie Says:


I love this name--on a boy.

Carolinekalmes Says:


This sounds fully boy to me 🤷🏼‍♀️ But that is really any "son" name. someone I know (but only keep up with via instragram) has an Everett and Emerson (boy and girl) and It took me awhile to figure out which was the girl name and which was the boy. I never had heard it as a girl name. I'm just personally into really feminine girl names in general. Personal taste!

ladimon Says:


All I can think of is Pretty Little Liars.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm going to add Emerson as a girls' name to my "long list" of favourites. Just starting to love this one.

nic_blondie Says:


To each their own. I personally hear Emerson as being feminine. I think it's because the "mer" reminds me of Shimmer which sounds very feminine to me, plus I was first introduced to the name Emery as being for a girl. That being said, I totally see why people would be turned off from using the name for their daughters. "Son of" is not a cute meaning for a girl's name (but, the alternative Emerdottir for the "daughter of" meaning might not be the best choice either...).

beachbear Says:


True. Males and females can be brave and industrious.

LV51sfan91 Says:


You have to look past this first meaning that they tell you. It means "son of Emery." Ok. Now look at Emery. What does Emery mean? Brave and industrious. What's so masculine about that?

CaggieMcMasters Says:


Great name for a boy or a girl. Who cares if you give it to either gender? As long as the parents are happy with it that's all that matters. I know a girl Emerson and a boy Emerson and they are both great kids and work the names just fine. :)

MacyOfficial Says:


Let's just end this. Emerson is a beautiful name for a girl and a very strong name for a boy. Any child would be lucky to have it. :)

MacyOfficial Says:


Emerson is a very pretty name in my opinion. Any boy or girl would be lucky to have a nice name like this. (:

Poppet93 Says:


It's a boys name. It's not even pretty or flattering to be a girls name. It means "Son of Emery" how more male could you get?

Namelovergirliexo Says:


I LOVE this name! My top name for a girl!❤️

Rocca Says:


I gotta tell you "Guest" I thought this was a fun discussion on the name Emerson.. but the more I read, the more I'm getting upset at your comments and closed-minded statements. My son's name is Emerson, and I hold no grudge to girls named Emerson... but your insults implying my son is not "strong" because he has a girl's name is going to bring out the mama-bear in me...and I've only been on this site for 5 minutes!! ugh... You should really watch your words, and remember you are on the WORLD WIDE WEB! I feel bad for your cousin, her boy Kayden, and anyone else you sling your 'opinion' at.. that are truly insults. There's a big world out there.. you may want to shut your mouth, open your mind, and take a look! :/

Rocca Says:


that's exactly the point.. the point YOU brought up

Rocca Says:


but there's no need to comment/insult the boys/men who do have then name... since its 'opinions' here, not insults.

Rocca Says:


My son's name is Emerson! It was unheard of, for a boy or girl, when he was born (1992). All his years growing up, I never came across another child, anywhere, with his name - one of the main reasons we did it! Now its trendy? All names cycle in popularity I suppose, but its crazy to me to hear it for a girl. However!...I've always gravitated to gender-neutral names, my daughter's name is Payton (also unheard of back then). If I didn't have a son named Emerson, I'm sure I would think its cool for a girl too. To each his/her own!! :)

Moony Says:


No it's not. You used Ashley not being used on boys today as a way to prove your point. But since it is still used for boys, the point you're trying to make is invalid.

babyblue09 Says:


That's besides the point, Kayden is a gross name on a boy or a girl (even though it's definitely more a boys name). But that's my opinion and you can't criticise me for having it.

Guest Says:


That's beside the point.

Moony Says:


For the record, Ashley is a very popular boy name here in the UK, and it's still used as a male name throughout Europe.

Guest Says:


Ashley used to be a male name, while some women still name their sons Ashley, it's now considered a girls name. It is a personal opinion that this is NOT a name that belongs on a boy. Emy is a nick name for Emerson. Boys should have strong names, this is not a name I would consider appropriate for a boy -- William, George, Caleb, Christopher, Jonathan, etc are names I would (minus George) use for my son. I can't see Emerson belonging on a boy, regardless if it ends in 'son'

Impwood Says:


I'm sorry, I just didn't really understand the logic of your statement as I consider a name ending in "son" that has traditionally been a male name to be more out of place on a woman than on a man. Of course I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, although I wouldn't mind a clarification.

Guest Says:


Furthermore, it's called an opinion, and I do not believe this name should be given to a little boy. I gave my cousin hell for naming her son Kayden.

Guest Says:


your point is what exactly? it's a personal opinion, i'd NEVER name my son a name that belongs on a girl. this name is NOT a name for a boy.

Guest Says:


I also really don't care about history or etymology, historically Ashley used to be a name given to males and now it's not. Things change, and views on names change as well. Emerson in my opinion, just like Eden, will always belong on a girl.

Impwood Says:


But girls become women and it is not really appropriate for women to have names ending in "son" and meaning "son of ____", is it?

bythesea03 Says:


Yeah, except historically, this has always been a man's name. It only recently started to boom as what people have decided is a "unisex" name. Etymology and history are both against your argument. Emerson has always belonged to strong men until new parents this generation decided to give it to their baby girls.

Guest Says:


This is a girls name, boys become men and should have strong names like Christopher, William, etc.

bythesea03 Says:


I'll never be convinced of this one. To each his own, but to me this will always be and sound all boy.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Emerson sounds 100% masculine to me. However, I can see how it could be a girl's name to some, if only because of the feminine nickname Em/Emmy. Same goes for Jameson.

Guest Says:


Emerson is better for a girl!

Guest Says:


Emerson it's better suited for a girl.

Lola Says:


So many people are against this name for a girl!
I don't see why. Isn't it a good thing that the name reminds people of Ralph Waldo Emerson? He was an intelligent man and cared about the environment. I know a very lovely girl named Emerson.
She goes by Em or Eme. (pron. emmy)
I think it is a very sweet name for a girl!

HendrixsMama Says:


I love this for both boys and girls. The first time I heard it, it was on a little boy (Emerson James if I remember correctly), though I've only heard it on girls in the years since, usually with the nickname "Emmy." We considered it for our daughter, actually, though we wound up crossing it out when I realized over six babies were given the name from old classmates of mine at university (and our class was only 100 people or so, so the trend really stood out!).

Anyway, I don't understand the whole "this is a boy/girl name" thing. Most girls names as we know them today were exclusively male at one point: Vivian, Ruth, Shannon, Leslie, Ruby, etc. Today, we tend to think of these as automatically girly, but there was once a time when these, too, were seen as "too masculine." I'm sure the parents of those early Rubys and Vivians had their share of naysayers as well.

I see Emerson staying most popular as a girl's name, but going in the "books" as unisex long-term.

kiwipop Says:



kiwipop Says:


This madness must be stopped? It`s just a name.

Ivi Says:


Not at all a female name. The meaning even means son of Emery. It was my uncles name and in many European and Latin countries is very masculine name like Julio or Fernando. Do your daughter a favor give her a more feminine name. This shouldn't even be under girl names.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


True. (Actually I forgot I posted that!) I still don't like -son names on girls, though perhaps I didn't need to act all panicky. I overreacted a lot in my early days here.

otheralix Says:


You posted a public comment in a public space and didn't delete it so it still stands.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Replying to a 10 month old comment?

ILikeFritz Says:



Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I hate the fact that everyone's bashing this name for a girl because of the meaning, but everyone loves the name Charlotte which is super popular and means 'free MAN'

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Thank you! It sounds feminine enough to work on a girl, the meaning shouldn't be what stops you from using it if you love a name. I personally wouldn't use it but I could see it on a girl more than a boy.

Countrybelle7 Says:


I love the name Emerson for a girl!! I like it spelled Emersyn though

Momofgirls Says:


I love Emerson for a girl.

bythesea03 Says:


I wish people would stop using this name as a trendy girls name, these days. "Son of Emery" doesn't lend itself to a girl, in my opinion. Plus.... all I can think is Ralph Waldo Emerson. Find a better name for your little girls and leave this one to the boys!

Guest Says:


Emery is much better.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Yuck! Son names are not meant for girls. The madness must be stopped!