Demon Names: The Ultimate Guide

Demon Names: The Ultimate Guide

It's true — demon names are trending. Formerly off-limits choices like Lilith and Azrael are now mainstream, pop culture has led to the rise of names such as Mazikeen, and truly forbidden names like Lucifer and Hades are more popular than ever before.

Why are parents using demon names? Demon names have depth and mystery — qualities parents may wish to bestow on their children. We've also heard of parents who used the name Lucifer because they appreciated the sounds, and Lilith because it's a feminist name. Demon names are also becoming increasingly common as dog names and cat names.

Whether you need a demonic name for your pet, character, or child, you'll find the best choices here, in our ultimate guide to demon names.

Top Demon Names

Popular demon names include the names of mythological demons like Persephone and Lilith, religious demons such as Azrael and Kali, and demons from popular culture, such as The Conjuring's Annabelle and The Omen's Damien.

Below, demon names that rank in the US Top 1000:

Female Demon Names

Female demon names are connected to feminine demons of myth and legend. Persephone, Lilith, and Nezuko are among the female demon names currently increasing in popularity in the US.

Ala — The demon of inclement weather in Serbian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian mythology.

Eisheth — The personification of sin in Jewish mythology.

Hariti — In Buddhism, Hariti is both a goddess and a demon. She presides over the misery of children and parents.

Hecate — The Greek deity of witchcraft and black magic.

Inanna — Mesopotamian goddess, also known as Ishtar, who descended into the underworld.

Lilith — In Jewish folklore, Lilith is the wife of Adam who turned into a demon of the night when she refused to obey him.

Mag — A Mandaic demon typically mentioned with her brother Hag.

Metztli — The Aztec goddess of the moon, considered a demon in some traditions.

NaamahNaamah birthed Asmodeus, the king of the devils, according to Jewish mysticism.

Nezuko — Rising demon name from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Niya — The Polish name for Lilith.

Persephone — Queen of the underworld in Greek mythology, also known by Kore or Cora.

Rangda — A child-eating demon in Balinese mythology.

Rusalka — A feminine deity of Slavic mythology, said to live in the water and be malicious towards humans.

Trivia — The Roman epithet of Hecate.

Male Demon Names

Male demon names are heating up just as fast as their female counterparts! Trending male demon names include Azrael, Loki, and Samael.

Abaddon — Angel of the abyss in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, abaddon appears as a word referring to a bottomless pit.

Asmodeus — In Judeo-Islamic mythology, Asmodeus is a prince of demons and hell.

Azrael — The angel of death in Abrahamic religions.

Beelzebub — A demon in many Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, Beelzebub is an epithet of Satan.

Boruta — A Polish mythological swamp spirit known for corrupting noblemen.

Erlik — The god of the underworld in Hungarian mythology.

Fenrir — The legendary Norse wolf who killed Odin.

Iblīs — The devil's given name in Islamic tradition.

Loki — The Norse god of mischief and father of several demonic deities.

Orcus — Hades' Roman equivalent.

Raum — Considered a Great Earl of Hell in demonology.

Ravana — Hindu demon with ten heads and twenty arms.

Samael — The archangel sometimes considered the one who wrestled with Jacob in the Bible.

Typhon — A giant, extremely deadly serpent in Greek mythology.

Zabuza — The given name of the Demon of the Hidden Mist in the Naruto franchise.

Japanese Demon Names

Japanese mythology features a variety of evil spirits with centuries-old origins. These Japanese demon names would also work as given names:

Akuma — The Japanese word for devil or demon.

Baku — In Japanese folklore, baku are spirits who consume nightmares.

Gaki — The souls of greedy humans turned into forever-starving ghosts.

Jami — An evil, mountain-dwelling demon.

Kasha — A class of demons, or yōkai, who steal corpses.

Oiwa — A famous onryō, or vengeful ghost, who was murdered by her husband after he disfigured her face.

Oni — A type of shapeshifting demons with horns.

Tengu — Cross between a human, bird, and dog considered a harbinger of war.

Uwan — Ugly, three-fingered monsters named for the noise they produce when sneaking up on humans.

Wani — A Japanese sea monster.

Badass Demon Names

What makes badass demon names so, well, badass? It's all up to interpretation, but we think that spiky sounds and powerful imagery contribute to these cool demon names:

Astarte — The Phonecian epithet of Ishtar.

Azazel — A fallen angel in Christianity and Islam.

Belial — A personification of the devil in the New Testament.

Diablo — The Spanish word for devil, seen as a name on director Diablo Cody.

Empusa — A demon of Greek mythology who attracts and consumes men.

Hades — The Greek god of the underworld.

Keres — Female death spirits of Greek mythology.

Lucifer — Commonly considered to be the name of the devil.

ProserpinaPersephone's Roman epithet.

Shax — Considered a ruler of demons in demonology.

More Demon Names

Looking for more demon names? Browse more of our favorites below, then consult our full list of demon names.

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