Gender: Female Pronunciation: kee-AHR-a Meaning of Chiara: "light, clear" Origin of Chiara: Italian

Chiara Origin and Meaning

The name Chiara is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "light, clear".

Chiara is a lovely and romantic Italian name that's familiar but not widely used here: a real winner. You might consider Chiara instead of Claire, Clara, Cara, or even Keira.

Santa Chiara, Aglicized as St. Clare, was a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Two members of European cinema royalty, Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni, named their now grown daughter Chiara.

Chiara currently ranks Number 8 in Italy, and is also well used in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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Famous People Named Chiara

Pop Culture References for the name Chiara

Kiara, Kiarra, Chiarra, Cheara


QueenieGuldbaek Says:


Chiara is the name of a serial killer character I created in one of my stories. She is known under the alias Kiki the killer.

AliceTiger Says:


Someone in my sister’s class is called Chiara. She says it like Kiera though. She is very sweet

DApostoli Says:


It's actually pronounced /ˈkjara/ (KYAH-ra) with two syllables, not three. It drives me crazy when people call me daughter "Kee AHR a" and it doesn't sound very Italian at all. Think about it. You say "CHAO" for ciao with one syllable, not "Chee AO" with two. It's the same idea for Chiara.

Krystalmyth Says:


I like Chee-ah-rah. I have a friend with a daughter named like this, and everyone close to her has affectionately referred to her as Chi.. It sounds so adorable hearing little kids going "Chee!" when they see her. It's become associated with cuteness and spark. It doesn't surprise me to read other accounts of people with this name often being bubbly and spirited personalities. Growing up with a name like this tends to lend people a comfort in expresing joy through the name itself. What a world to grow up in where people feel pleasure in just saying your name.

Krystalmyth Says:


Hardly ugly, and you might have noticed this is an entrance to Chiara not Chiari. Even though that is also quite beautiful. How sad to be unable to see the beauty in a name that literally means 'clarity and light'.

Krystalmyth Says:


The world often needs correction. You bring joy and wonder to the earth, why, if not to offer it a breath of something new as we age and take our leave, it will be the names like Chiara that teach the tongues of an ignorant society that there is more than what they knew in every person.

Krystalmyth Says:


I like it spelled as it is, who you are isn't something to be denied simply because we are in need of correction... You deny us the culture of your birth brought to the light of the world.

Krystalmyth Says:


I think the name Isis is very pretty no matter the acronym to some criminal organization, but Chase works for boys still so this banking firm can too. (What you thought I meant the terrorist cell? Guess you can toss them in too). Isis is the name of a Goddess and will always remain so as gods and goddesses outlive the fear of men.

Kai Says:


I share many people's opinion that it's a very pretty name that comes with a high risk of being mispronounced. Where I come from people would pronounce it Chee-ah-rah which doesn't sound as nice as Kee-ahr-a... :(

Samsonite Says:


What an ugly name. It's also a neurologic disease (Chiari disease).

paulapuddephatt Says:


This is definitely beautiful, but I think you have to be prepared for people to pronounce and spell it incorrectly - as I feel certain that this will be a frequent occurrence.

Haids1987 Says:



cabosanmucus Says:


I know Chiara is supposed to be a hard K like Christine, Christopher etc. and even though I speak Italian I can't help but see CHEE like cheese

clairels Says:


Sure, but that doesn't really help the poor girls growing up now having their name mispronounced every new school year.

chiarabrown Says:


I love my name, but be warned that no one will be able to spell it or pronounce it.

tla123 Says:


I first heard this on a Big Brother contestant years ago and it stuck with me. I think it's very pretty. Pronunciation issues shouldn't scare people off. Everyone has obviously learned how to pronounce Chloe, so if Chiara becomes more familiar to people they'll get used to it.

Chantal Chauvet Says:


I like the name Chiara and like the pronunciation Shee-a-ra. I´m nervous of spelling it Shiara as it looks like the Muslim name for their law. king of like someone who named their child Isis and now it is not a name that is as pretty.

Zelliew Says:


Is agree

indiefendi2 Says:


I think it's too apt to be mispronounced and botched like many lovely Italian names are. But it looks very pretty.

Chiara Meijer Says:


My name is Chiara but I started writing it as Kiara because I got tired of correcting people all the time ;)

Amy Says:


My daughter has this name. I occasionally have to correct people but far less than I expected. We get a lot of compliments on her name.

csd267 Says:


Thinking about using this name for my daughter. But I don't want her to have to correct people all of her life :(

Alicia1 Says:


Still crushing on this beautiul Italian name. The pronunciation might be the only downall,

lynn_wentworth Says:


I love this name! Such a wonderful, unique alternative to Claire!

servals_ Says:


The Chiara i know pronounces her name like shee-ara

Alicia1 Says:


I love this name! The way it's spelled is so cool and once I saw the pronunciation I really fell for it! kee-AHR-a