Short form of Alyssa or Greek mythological name
"anger, fury, rage"

Lyssa Origin and Meaning

The name Lyssa is a girl's name meaning "anger, fury, rage".

Most contemporary English speakers will hear the name Lyssa as short for the long-popular Alyssa or Melissa. But Lyssa is a bona fide Greek mythology name, though not a very appealing one.

The goddess Lyssa could not control her rage. Choose this otherwise soft and pretty name at your own peril.

Famous People Named Lyssa

  • Lyssa Rae Chapman II "Baby Lyssa" American reality TV Personality and bail bondswoman ("Dog the Bounty Hunter")

Lyssa in Pop Culture

  • LyssaGreek mythological term for madness in a frenetic or rabid rage
  • Lyssa Drakvillain in DC comics
  • Lyssa Greenfieldcharacter in the Island trilogy by Gordon Korman
  • Name of both the princess and the Widow of the Web in "Krull"