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Gender: M Meaning of Blaine: "slender, angular" Origin of Blaine: Irish Blaine's Popularity in 2016: #690

Attractive surname name of a seventh-century Scottish saint, but sounds both feminine (socialite Blaine Trump) and soap opera-ish.

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Famous People Named Blaine

Blaine Lawrence, brother of Jennifer Lawrence
Blaine Wilson, American Olympic Gymnast
Blaine Willenborg, American tennis player
Blaine Luetkemeyer, U.S. Congressman from Missouri
Blaine Bishop, American football player
Blaine Boyer, American baseball pitcher
Blaine Calkins, Canadian MP
Blaine Earon, American football player
Blaine Gabbert, American football quarterback
L. Blaine Hammond, American test pilot and astronaut
Blaine Hardy, American baseball player
Blaine Harrison, lead singer of English band Mystery Jets
Blaine Johnson, American drag racer
Blaine Lacher, Canadian ice hockey goalie
Blaine Larsen, American country music singer and songwriter
H. Blaine Lawson, American mathematician
Blaine Lindgren, American Olympic hurdler
Blaine McCallister, American golfer
Blaine McElmurry, American Football player
Blaine Nye, American Football player
M. Blaine Peterson, U.S. Congressman from Utah
Blaine Saipaia, American football player
Blaine Sexton, Canadian ice hockey player
Blaine Stoughton, Canadian ice hockey player
Blaine Thacker, Canadian MP
Blaine Thurier, synthesizer player with Canadian band The New Pornographers

Pop Culture References for the name Blaine

Blaine Devon Anderson, a main character on TV's "Glee"
Blaine, Barbie's boyfriend after dumping Ken
Blaine Miller, character on TV's "Bones"
Blaine, fire-type gym leader in "Pokemon" video game series
Blaine, character on YouTube series "The Most Popular Girls in School"
Blaine DeBeers, character on TV show "iZombie"

Blayne, Blain, Blane