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Gender: M Meaning of Bardo: "water" Origin of Bardo: German saint name; also Aboriginal

Bardo has a poetic beginning and upbeat ending. Saint Bardo was the eleventh century bishop of Mainz, in Germany, which may be one reason Sandra Bullock (whose mother was German) chose the name as her son's middle. Bardo is also a Tibetan concept of an intermediate state. Bullock's choice inevitably shines a spotlight on this obscure name.

Famous People Named Bardo

Louis Bardo Bullock, son of American actress Sandra Bullock

Pop Culture References for the name Bardo

Bardo de' Bardi, character in "Romola" (1863) by George Eliot
Bardo Thodol, original title of the Tibetan Book of the Dead
Bardo Pond, American rock band
Bardo, British pop duo
Originally a medieval short form of various Germanic compound names beginning with Bard- (perhaps from barta "axe"), e.g., Bardolf, Bardrick
See also Bardot