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Gender: F Meaning of Aster: "star" Origin of Aster: English

This is a fresh new addition to the botanical list; comedian Gilbert Gottfried made it a real bouquet when he named his daughter Lily Aster. And the name of the little girl on television's Dexter sounds like Aster, but is actually spelled Astor, which brings it more high society name. <->Aster relates to the Greek word for star.

Famous People Named Aster

Lily Aster Gottfried (b. 2007), daughter of American comedian Gilbert Gottfried
Nian Aster aka Blaze Lovejoy, American filmmaker
Jeannette Aster, Canadian opera director

Pop Culture References for the name Aster

Aster Pheonix, acharacter from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Aster, shortened version of Greek Asteria, meaning 'star'.
Dark Aster, Kree warship under Ronan's command
Molly Aster- A character from the Peter Pan series
Sajit Aster, A character from the Japanese manga Waltz in a White Dress
Birth Flower for the month of September, symbolizing daintiness, love and magic.