Gender: Male Meaning of Archibald: "truly brave" Origin of Archibald: Teutonic

Archibald Origin and Meaning

The name Archibald is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "truly brave".

The short form Archie is so open and friendly --and very trendy in the British Isles--that some parents are now beginning to consider the formerly fusty Archibald as well. SNL comedians Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are one couple who made this breakthrough choice.

After being introduced to England in the twelfth century, Archibald became especially popular in Scotland, where it was in the Top 20 until the 1930s, but later took on a stuffy, aristocratic air. In the US, Archibald ranked as high as Number 279 in 1889.

A notable literary namesake is poet Archibald MacLeish, and Archibald was the full name of both comic-book star Archie Andrews and curmudgeon Archie Bunker. And of course suave Cary Grant was born Archibald Alexander Leach.

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Famous People Named Archibald

Pop Culture References for the name Archibald

Archie, Arch, Archey, Archy

Archibald's International Variations

Archibald (Spanish) Arhambault (French)


Mber78 Says:


Um people who have it as a long standing family name would want to use it. That's who.... (to firstly answer your stupid question).

Also JUST because the name as bald in it doesn't mean jack shite. The meaning of the name, basically, means to be BALDLY bold, NOT someone who is losing their hair. You know, like when word baldly is used in the term bald (Germanic for bold in fact) faced (not bold) liar. Not that, that's what Archibald means but that its used in the same manner for you idiots out there. If you had the name you could be called Archie as well)

The first part of the name means Genuine and Precious (also in Germanic; Ercan (with the k sound not sss). Erchambald (old high German) is an example or the "Anglo-Saxon" Eorcenbald, (again with the k sound; which probably comes from gaelic in the case of the ch since its always a K, like brach, loch, and our famous Whiskey which is not CH as in church. Contrary to English belief).

Mber78 Says:


*rolls eyes* OH MY GOD. The name Archibald is NOT of Spanish origin you complete tw@ts its of Anglo-Saxon, you know the Germanic regions of the time period it originated. Its a huge Scottish name which makes sense as well, many ancestors with the name. In fact our next family Chieftain is named Archibald, long may his father live. *signs* smh can't you idiots EVER do proper research on these VERY simple finds...

MeMyself_And_I Says:


My first son is gonna either be named Thaddeus, Cornelius or Archibald. I have always loved these names because they sound very polite, dignified, and noble; how I want my children to be.

stepx Says:


its a deceptively cool name and is absolutely ready for a comeback. The nickname ARCHIE is likely going to more popular, but both are ready to spike in popularity. I like it. In fact Id consider it. Has a kind of both old fashioned cool and nostalgia as well as being unlike most any other name.

GenEric Says:


You know, if you pronounce the archi and bald closely together, it sounds kind of nice. The issue is, most people would not.

ImNotAnEmotionsMan Says:


My grandfathers name was Archibald with nn Art and Artie. I find it to be a bit too stuffy for my tastes but I do think a cute nn like Art/Archie, Arrie, or Al would help soften it a bit. Discounting this strong name with a nice meaning just because of the bald ending is like hating Richard bc it has hard in it; rather unfortunate I must say...

Francoamericano Says:


cant get passed "bald" part. how about archibold or archer

Impwood Says:


Archibald is very winsome when you picture it on a small boy, but I don't think I'll ever be able to like Archie.

RoddyThlayli Says:


No offense to anyone who like/is named Archibald but to me, it's like Gertrude, to me, which is to say, very ugly. Besides, who wants to put 'bald' in their child's name?

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I remember when I moved schools in year 1, and my teachers name was Mrs Archibald. I made fun of her name when I found out, but felt bad after because she was a really kind teacher.

MaryKathryn Says:


I really don't like this name. It just seems like a vegetable name to me. Choose Archer and nickname him Archie.