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Gender: Female Meaning of Anouk: "grace" Origin of Anouk: Dutch and French variation of Anna

The name Anouk is a girl's name of Dutch origin meaning "grace". Anouk and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "Fantasy #4...".

From the experts:

Anouk, made famous by French actress Anouk Aimée, is a singular name with a lovely sound. Anouk Aimée was born as Francoise, but adopted the first name of the character she played in her debut film.

Anouk, which is quite popular in The Netherlands, was the name of the young daughter in the French film Chocolat. (some other interesting character names in that movie are Vianne, Roux and Dedou.) The Belgian supermodel spells her name Anouck Lepére.

Anouk is one of the most appealing of the An-starting names.

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Famous People Named Anouk

Anouk Aimee (born Nicole Françoise Florence Dreyfus), French actress
Anouk Grinberg, French actress
Anouk Teeuwe, Dutch pop singer
Anouk Markovits. French/American Writer
Anouk Anna Hoogendijk, Dutch footballer
(Marieke) Anouk Dekker, Dutch footballer
Anouk Kruithof, Dutch artist
Anouk Faivre Picon, French cross country skier
Anouk English, Canadian Speed Skater
Anouk Ferjac, French actress
Anouk Eman, Miss World Aruba 2017
Anouk McGregor (born 2011), daughter of actor Ewan McGregor
Carice Anouk van Houten, Dutch actress

Pop Culture References for the name Anouk

Anouk Rocher, character in novel and film "Chocolat"
Anouk Latham, character in novel and TV series 'The Slap'


katinka Says:


Fast-forward three years (and a username change) and I now have my very own five-week-old Anouk! Obviously, I’m still utterly in love with this name. We pronounce it the French way, with a long “oo” sound.

loiswrenmatthews Says:


Anouk is one of the few feminine names ending in the K sound.



i am named this and i live in the united states so everyone calls me aNUKE and it is so annoying so if you meet somebody named this and it is spelled like it is on here and you call them anuke you will get flung into the abyss because you need to get punished for your sins

xhart Says:


Not really a fan. I don't think it has an appealing sound. There's something harsh about the name.

ARose1712 Says:


I love this name. Here in France they pronounce it more drawn out. Not nook like for books, but more a long o sound like in boot. It is a beautiful name!

Imogen Says:


That's actually incorrect. Anouk IS the girl. Her pet kangaroo is called Pantoufle.

Hannah Culverhouse Says:


I'm surprised no one has said anything but Anouk is not the name of the little girl, it's the little girl's imaginary friend the kangaroo who is called Anouk.

indiefendi2 Says:


I would like it if it was a newk rather than a nuck.

EW314 Says:


Lovely name, one of my favourites. I first read it in Chocolat and have loved it ever since. It's adorable!

caetano Says:


Really cute

SimoneKadele Says:


Love this!

vintageluvs Says:


I like the sound of it, but I would prefer to use if for a nickname for Anne / Anna. If I had a daughter and named her Anne (more likely Ann), and there were other girls in her class with the same name, I'd probably nickname her Anouk.

Hydra Says:


Anouk is a pet form, actually. It's nice, but I prefer Ninouk, another French pet name of Anne.

bluedahlia Says:


Not sure about either of those. This has been my favorite name forever, and I always pronounce it the French way which is Ah-NOOK ( rhymes with Flute). This is the way it is said in "Chocolat". I suggest you check out to hear actual people pronouncing the name.

jojobabyberry Says:


I came across Anouk the first time in Chocolate. I think it's a lovely name

CestCaLaJoie Says:


My youngest's name is Anouk Cecelia. We live in France, and it works for her perfectly!

Anouk Says:


my name is anouk im english and my mum named me after the character in chocolate

Anouk Says:


My name is Anouk, and the dutch way to pronounce would be Ah-nook (like the nook of a house (american accent not british one)

Fleur_Of_Eden Says:


It's a-nook. like you're saying: I'm buying a nook because my husband is complaining about all the loose books around the house.

I also really like it. And the Anouk's I've met were lovely (I spend a few years in the Netherlands)

rainierloner Says:


This name is lovely, but I am wondering how it is pronounced. "Anna-owk" or just "Ann-ook"?