Gender: Female Meaning of Andrea: "strong and manly" Origin of Andrea: Feminine variation of Andrew, Greek Andrea's Popularity in 2018: #134

Andrea Origin and Meaning

The name Andrea is a girl's name of German, English, Italian origin meaning "strong and manly".

Andrea -- a feminine form of Andrew (and a male name in several European cultures)-- comes with a good selection of pronunciations-- ANN-dree-a, AHN-dree-a, or ahn-DRAY-a--each with a slightly different image: girl next door/slightly affected/downright exotic

Andrea's popularity, while never huge, remained surprisingly steady for many years--until 2013, it hadn't been knocked out of the Top 100 since 1962! There have been countless featured on-screen characters named Andrea, on vehicles from the original Beverly Hills 90210 to The West Wing to The Devil Wears Prada.

Originally the Italian male form of Andrew, Andrea is found across many European cultures--for one gender or the other.

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Tuvstarr Says:


You're entitled to your opinion but "ahn-dray-uh" is the common pronunciation in every other country in the world except the US. So in France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain....everywhere else...."Ann-dree-uh" is considered unsophisticated.

Tuvstarr Says:


I encourage different spellings if you choose this name. It's confusing and awkward to be asked how to pronounce your name to doctors, new friends and it various social situations. It's pronounced three ways. It's suggested names are self fulfilling you want your daughter to go through life not quite knowing who she is to the world? Each pronunciation conjures such a different kind of woman.

HulaHoop444 Says:


My name is Andrea and I pronounce it ann-dree-uh. I am of Black decent and I have met Andreas in my area that are black and white. The actress Andrea Lewis is Black as well so it is not just a "white" name. I think it is a lovely, solid name and I have never shorted it. People tired calling me Andi but it didn't stick. I prefer the full version.

TechnoKitten Says:


I know an Andrea and her name really suits her,especially the meaning

Andrea Says:


I really dislike your connotation of aha-DRAY-uh being ghetto and less educated. Its more common in hispanic communities for it to be pronounce this way because of the Spanish language. Meanwhile every ANN-dree-uh I've met is white. The pronunciation is simply a preference, or language, or even a cultural thing. I wouldn't say class has anything to do with it. That would be your own bias. Mine is pronounced AHN-dree-uh and I love it.

disqus_koNiyrfL4y Says:


I am surprised that this says the meaning of the name is strong and manly. 21yrs ago I named my daughter Andrea. Everywhere I looked it said the name meaning was womanly.

softboiledeggs Says:


I love this name, it's so pretty but solid. In where I come from it's pronounced ahn-DRAY-ah but it's still lovely if it's pronounced ann-DREE-uh or AHN-dree-uh or whatever.

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love this name pronounced ahn-DRAY-ah. It feels softer and prettier than ann-DREE-uh or ANN-dree-uh, which both feel harsh to me.

epicshinx716 Says:


My name is Andrea (pronounced ANN-dree-uh), but I've had it mispronounced many times: AHN-dree-uh, ahn-DRAY-uh, ann-DREE-uh, ann-DRAY-uh, etc...

cricketbell Says:


That's my favourite teacher's name. Beautiful like her.

princessmadison Says:


My aunts name is Andrea but it's spelt Andraa.

Guest Says:


I'm named Andrea, pronounced ann-dree-uh. I love this pronunciation. I really dislike the pronunciation Ahn-dray-uh. It seems ghetto or less educated and harsh. I've enjoyed my name, especially because it is not overly common. I think the nick name Andi is cute as well.

sfamilym Says:


My name is Andrea (ann-dree-uh) and I love it. I was named Jessica but my mom had a dream in the hospital after she had me that she was supposed to name me Andrea, so she did. I am so very glad she did. I have only met one other Andrea, and one that pronounced it ahn-dray-a). I want to name a child after myself lol, if only my future husband would let me.

Guest Says:


Whenever I hear this name it's ahnDRAYa and I think it's very pretty. I never knew this was a female form of Andrew until a couple years ago. Drea/Draya would be my nickname for it. Andy is too boring.

csd267 Says:


I pronounce this name as ann-dree-uh. there is so.ething about this name that I just love.