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Gender: Male Origin of Anakin: Modern invented name Anakin's Popularity in 2019: #956

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The name Anakin is a boy's name .

Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, is the antagonist in the original Star Wars trilogy. The name Anakin first entered the US Top 1000 in 2014. Its meaning is unknown but is thought to be an homage to a friend of George Lucas.

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Rank in US: #956

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alliebelle Says:


I love the sound of this name! It just rolls off the tongue. Anakin. Anakin. Ana. kin. Aaannnaaakiiinnn.
Now if only it wasn't so tied to Darth Vader...

podsolnechnik13 Says:


I'm pretty sure the nickname is spelt Ani.

podsolnechnik13 Says:


Nah I think he's awesome.

podsolnechnik13 Says:


This is one of my favourite names ever. Someday if I ever have a son I'll probably name him Holden Anakin Jackson, just because the reverse sounds a bit clunky.

indiefendi2 Says:


It should be added to the database that the name Anniken is a variation of Hannah / Anne.

Miki200 Says:


He was having nightmares that his wife was dying. I think he is allowed to be moody.

Miki200 Says:


I have heard somewhere that Anakin means "Son of the Light". Not sure where, though.

Chloe14 Says:


This is a really nice name! I love it!

Nozomi Says:


Never watched star wars so I don't have that to connect it with, however this reminds me too much of the word "Manikin"as in the ones you see at store... :/

clairels Says:



heatherjoy92 Says:


I like Anakin as a name and am okay with people using it, but do you not remember Anakin killing all those younglings in the Jedi Temple?

Georgiec Says:


Why do people feel the need to be so negative about names that other people are choosing?? Just don't choose it for your own children. I actually don't think I would even relate it to Star Wars if I met someone called Anakin - I'd just think it was a lovely name. I'm get so tired of people saying you can't choose X names as its associated with something else - why does it even matter?

daisys Says:


I don't see the point in forward planning a nickname. Why plan to shorten a name you clearly love enough to call your child? If it happens, it happens. I never understand the whole thing like: "Her name's Emily, but we've called her Milly her entire life." Just call the kid Milly.

clairels Says:


Sure, he redeemed himself eventually but even before he became Darth Vader, he just wasn't a very likable character. He was moody and selfish and just plain irritating at times.

stephykneejo Says:


This is a perfect example as to why unique spellings get such a bad rap. I know the two names are not the same, but they sound the same. It completely supports the debate that a unique spelling does not make a name unique because they sound almost, if not exactly, the same. Excuse Jessica for making a mistake, but every single person you meet isn't going to be wearing a name tag with the spelling of their name. They sounded the same, she made the association, and based on what she knew, she was right. A name that sounds like Anakin is popular there. People get really uppity about names when in reality, it doesn't matter one bit.

RoddyThlayli Says:


How is Anakin hateful? He got deluded and bizarre, but he wasn't terrible before that. And he redeemed himself, anyway.

kitchi1 Says:


I know of a female Anakin, nicknamed Annie. I don't really KNOW her, but she we've been introduced. Love it, love Star Wars.

Daphodil Says:


How am I being aggressive? I'm just saying that as a Norwegian that has lived in Norway her whole life, I have a hard time believing what you're writing. Also, you're saying that it's a "popular Norwegian girls name", and it's certainly not. Statistics show that less than <4 people (this can also mean zero) have been given the name, so it's curious that you say you've met 5. There's also no other additional information about the name in any registries. I'd love to show you some sources if you're interested, as I'd hate for you to be misinformed :)

Edit: I can absolutely believe you've met girls called Anniken, however that's not the same as Anakin.

jessielou87 Says:


I was going by the fact that I go there a lot, I have met and know 5 people called that! Maybe it's just the area I went to, but still, that's a lot of people to meet, all with the same name! They were all, bar one, spelt Anakin, and none were related... You seem to be a little unnecessarily aggressive on what was a friendly post!

Tess1223 Says:


I'm not saying they're the same name, nor do I believe they are the same, I'm saying I think that's what Jessica is referring to.

Daphodil Says:


Anniken and Anakin are two completely different names. Anniken is a diminutive of Anna and while the pronunciations may appear similar, they're not the same.

Tess1223 Says:


The Norwegian name is spelled differently: Anniken

indiefendi2 Says:


Look with people naming their kids Zeppelin ( which means BLIMP for crying out loud) I don't even see the animosity towards Anakin. No one seems to care about professionalism anymore anyway.

If all esle fails Anakin could be a middle name.

Daphodil Says:


"Its actually a popular Norwegian girls name" <--- I would like to see your sources? The official naming statistics in Norway (SSB) say that less than 4 people have been given the name (ever), so I wouldn't exactly call it popular.

thenameprincess Says:


Ken, I would use the nickname Ken.

Jessica Molyneux Spence Says:


Guys, this name's origin isn't Star Wars! Its actually a popular Norwegian girls name. I think it's beautiful :)

SweetPraline Says:


I agree. It can't really be shortened to anything for an adult nickname either.

theresaelsmore Says:


Contrary to popular belief, this is a very old name. It's a British surname. It was spelled "Annakin". It means "Cauldron of the Gods" or "Divine cauldron" and its origin is the Old Norse name Asketill. Now can we all please try and lay to rest the association with Star Wars. It's a beautiful name and I know a lot of people would like to use it!

lesliemarion Says:


But Darth Vader?????

AliciaDawnCasey Says:


I know a girl who just named her son Anakin

mabespark Says:


It'd be hard to be taken seriously... "What's your name?" "Anakin." I love Star Wars, but please use Luke. (The nickname Annie doesn't help either...)

Zelliew Says:


It does sound feminine & makes me think of a bodkin

Margot_86 Says:


It's too feminine and childlike. It's not a name that works as an adult.

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


I am not a fan of Star Wars, but I do like this name!

summersnow Says:


This is a joke right? I'm so tired of people naming their kid's ridiculous names just because they like a fandom. Your kid is going to hate his name! Stop!!!!

clairels Says:


Anakin was such a hateful character. Go with Luke instead.

jasminegarden Says:


I wanted this to be an unusual name for when I have kids - I love it for a middle name & have loved it ever since I first watched Star Wars as a child

hughesscholar Says:


I ADORE all things Star Wars, including my themed nursery, but NO

wavygirl Says:



Addie88 Says:


I have always loved this name. It's so delightful to see it on the top thousand names.