Gender: Female Pronunciation: an-EYE-is or an-AY-is Meaning of Anais: "grace" Origin of Anais: Catalan and Provencal pet form of Hebrew Anna Anais's Popularity in 2019: #861

Anais Origin and Meaning

The name Anais is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "grace".

Anais is an unusual, exotic name forever attached to the daring French-born American novelist and diarist Anais Nin (born Angela, with Anais as one of her middle names), who became the inspiration for the naming of the daughter of musician Noel Gallagher. Anais is also the name of a popular perfume.

Anais can be found as a character in Balzac's "Lost Illusions", and in Colette's 'Claudine' books.

Anais would make a creative and distinctive middle name.

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KellyLynn Says:


Sorry but you’re also wrong, the correct pronunciation is a-na-EES.

KellyLynn Says:


The pronounciation given on this website is absolutely wrong. It’s French. Using IPA notation for clarity sake, it’s [ana’is], in other words “an-ai-EEs”. I don’t know how anyone could confuse this for anus. Anus has two syllables instead of three and it is emphasized on the first syllable rather than the third. It isn’t even close to being pronounced the same.

It’s a gorgeous name.

anaisjessica Says:


my name is Anaïs and i was bulled in high school too. I hated my name for ages because of immature teenage boys but now ive grown to love it. It sounds nothing like anus when said correctly and people who aren't willing to pronounce it correctly are just plain rude. Its a beautiful name.

vasiliki Says:


I love everything about this name: its meaning, its air of French sophistication, its literary connection to Anais Nin... A lovely choice.

ceruleanstardust Says:


I was so hoping this was pronounced ah-nay; anna-ease just sounds a little awkward to me. Maybe as a middle?

Blue Cookies Says:


Started loving this name after first hearing it in a documentary about separated twins who find each other called "Twinsters" :)

Francoamericano Says:


no, that is wrong. It is Anna-eese

Francoamericano Says:


I hate that variation, but I'm bias cause my name is anais

Francoamericano Says:


it is not hard at all if u hear it out loud

Francoamericano Says:


It doesn't sound like Anus but, kids are cruel

Francoamericano Says:


My name is Anaïs and I hate it.

Mhill46 Says:


Back in middle school I was a HUGE fan of the girl group, Play and Anais Lameche was my favorite member and I fell in love with her name! It was my favorite girl's name for a long time! I still could see myself using it one day.

nml28 Says:


I love it but it would cause some pronunciation issues here in the US of A

nails4breakfast Says:


I honestly don't get how everyone sees this name and automatically thinks "anus". If you're pronouncing it right, it shouldn't sound like that at all, plus you could make some embarrassing insult out of basically any name if you try hard enough. I was going to be named this, but my parents decided against it at the last minute because of the same reason. Sad, really, because I think this name is beautiful.

Vila Boa Says:


Oh, I really like a variation of this one - Annalise.

indiefendi2 Says:


Anais Mali the model makes this name beautiful but Anais Watterson from "The Amazing World of Gumball" gives it so much wit and spunk. I like to say "ah nays" but I guess everyone says "an ny EESe"

Daiseymae Says:


I agree with you. I would avoid this name like the plague. It is similar to Daria. It sounds like diarrhea unfortunately.

kxlly0614 Says:


Anaïs is a beautiful name. I can imagine a beautiful brunette girl with blue eyes for some reason. But, I don't think it has the best flow when you say it out loud. I prefer Anne, Anna, or Annabelle.

01eurylil Says:


"Wacko southern accent"? That's a little harsh. I have a southern accent, for the record, and Anais sounds nothing like anus when I say it. It also seems you're implying that someone with southern accent are not normal. Not all people from the south are hicks.

zenithstarr Says:


One of my best friend's name's Anaïs and it's really unique, she loves standing out.

PrudenceA Says:


I love the name Anais, but due to pronunciation issues outside of France, I could only use it for a middle name sadly. I understand the correct pronunciation is difficult for most. I often hear it pronounced 'A-nay-iss' which also bothers me. I make no correlation with Anus at all when pronounced correctly, and feel it's wrong to suggest so under name info.

gummybear0724 Says:


Is it alright to pronouce it Ann-I-eez

nipnerb Says:


Amazing choice, and congratulations!

nipnerb Says:


Unless you have a wacko southern accent, you should pronounce the name ah-NAI-eese like a normal person.

ashbee Says:


Not if you say it correctly.

yvonne_virginia Says:


Just makes me think of the boys' name Anaias. (I think that's how it's spelled...)

drea25 Says:


i love the name anais its my princess name its so unique and everyone always compliments her the best name for my princess

Jinxgirl Says:


I don't like the Ah na eese pronounciation,k but if it were pronounced a ny us or a nay us I would like it

Zelliew Says:


It sounds lovely in French but I'd avoid it in English

Peapz88 Says:


Im going 2 be a father next month..
and im gonna name my daughter Anais.
I just love the uniqueness of that name.
I am a Filipino and "Anais" doesnt sounds bad for our accent.
hard 2 pronounce though.. :)
I hope my daughter wont blame me for giving her that cute name.:))

RavenZimmi Says:


Anus? No thank you, maybe in france, but not anywhere were people speak english.

anais Says:


My name is Anais. Pronounced Ah-na-eese. I was born in France in 1988 and came to southern California as a baby in 1989. I hated my name growing up. No one could say my name right so I went by ana. In high school I was called anus by peers and even some teachers. College was almost as bad too. Going to nursing school probably didn't help either. :-) But I have to admit, I love my name now. I get so many compliments too. I love having a beautiful, rare name. I no longer go by ana and have grown to love my name. I love that my parents gave me such a unique name!

Bobcat108 Says:


Similar to Anaïs is Alaïs, the Provençal version of Alice. I've seen it pronounced "Ah-la-EES," which makes its relationship to Alice clear, but when I first saw the name written out w/o a phonetic version, I thought it was "Ah-LAY-iss."



Although at school some people do call me anus at first I was fine with it and found it funny but today one of my friends accidently said it and now it kinda makes me annoyed,because my name is not anus and I didn't choose my name. Hope fully people grow up and use my real name which tbh I am quite find of



My name is anais, I like my name as it's unique and I have never met another anais! You see most people pronounce the S were as my is said an-A.

spiderfish Says:


If this is pronounced how I believe it is pronounced (A-nai-es) then how does it sound like Anus?
Maybe its how they're pronounced in my accent, but they don't sound similar at all to me. I think Anais is a beautiful name.

Rush1986 Says:


Anus. That is all.

ldougie Says:


This is tough to pronounce my mouth can't handle it.

strawberrydino Says:


Ah, Anais, what a beautiful name! It reminds me of such elegance and beauty. Loved this name since I was a kid. If I lived in an area where Anais didn't remind people of "anus" I would definitely think it's usable.

leonoras Says:


My friend has Anais, but she just calls herself Ana despite everyone telling her name is beautiful. :(

Guest Says:


I love this name but my only caveat is it sounds like that body part...

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


This name is extremely hard to pronounce on my tongue. YES I KNOW HOW IT is PROnounceED but when I say it it just kind of gets all tangled up and falls, dry and flat.

unicornluvgirl Says:


I LOVE this name. It's so pretty with the cute nickname Annie. It's also not popular. Love Anais!

Anais Esquivel Says:


My name is Anais and at first I actually hated it because no one could say it but as I grew up I learned to love and embrace my beautiful name as a gift. I teach people how to say my name if I have too. I hope everyone that has this name feels beautiful, powerful, and most of all loved. Anais is truly a beautiful name its up to those who have it to make it even more beautiful with who they are.